1. Quanaril

    Çok eşlilik [Bug Report]

    Svana ile evlenmek için gereken adımları atmadan önce, kadının babasıyla konuşup önce ağabeyime (Nogand) mi yapsak diye konuştum. Babası belli bir para isteyince iptal ettim. Svana'ya gidip evlilğe ikna ettikten sonra babası Godun'a geri dönünce belli bir para karşılığı kızını aynı anda hem...
  2. What stat is mandatory for Marriage?

    When I try to offer my relatives for marriage, they would only accept my brother, but not my sons. They are lvl 20+ and have decent stats, so should be fit for marriage. What stat is it that determines whether one is accepted for marriage or not? So far noone could tell.
  3. Spyware

    Too much Intercultural Marriage.

    Doesn't anyone else find it weird that when you're at the second generation or so, you're fighting literally a buttload of Sturgian Aserais? Sturgian Khuzaits? Sturgian Vlandians and Battanians?
  4. Apocal

    Resolved [1.6.0] Cannot marry off nephew, no reason given.

    Summary: When trying to marry off my nephew, the marriage dialogue initiates successfully but will not allow accepting the match. It only provides the back-out option. How to Reproduce: In the save game, talk to Ulman, offer to join houses through marriage as normal. Offer the hand of Bandan...
  5. AlperAga

    In Progress Marriage issues

    Hi, Several issues will be listed here. 1 - Seems like there is sorting issue in the selectable person when offering hand for marriage: Here are 3 nephews, the sorting seems to be, from top to bottom, based on age asc. 18, 20, 21. selecting only the first one (Mete) works ("Very good"), the...
  6. Need More Info Courting Bug

    Summary: When I attempt to speak to any marriage candidate about a potential marriage they only respond with ""Em... Yes, well, I suppose I can consider your offer." The next dialogue from the npc is "We meet from time to time, as is the custom, to see if we are right for each other. I hope to...
  7. Suggestion: Allow us to marry female members of our family to Wandering Companions.

    I'd like to suggest adding the ability to marry female members of our family to wandering companions, proven loyal members of our trusted retinue. Making the companion take on a noble function within the clan and allowing us to maintain control of both characters. I would also suggest enabling...
  8. Less Talking More Raiding

    A fleshed out Trait system

    A FLESHED OUT TRAIT SYSTEM Some acquired through your journey, others inherited from birth. (POSITIVE), (NEGATIVE) (RARE), (EPIC), (LEGENDARY) Personality Traits (Already in the game): Calculating Generosity Honor Mercy Valor SUGGESTIONS STARTS HERE Birthed Traits: Twin Highborn Lowborn...
  9. Less Talking More Raiding

    Fleshed out Characters and Skills

    I'm aware the rules state only one suggestion per thread, but I would like to argue that the suggestions below all tie together in one way or another. All the way from Character Creation, to skills and how they interact with each other for both yourself and NPC characters. First I want to...
  10. Pascal Schmidlin

    Thoughts on the future of Bannerlord: Civilian Equipment, Disable Birth and Death etc.

    Hello you guys, I just wanna talk a bit about what I'd like to see in the future and some changes. Civilian Equipment I'd love to have more options for civilian equipment. I want to equip my mace in towns (and make use of that to be blunt perk). Or at least the smithing hammer. I get you...
  11. Resolved Female clan members can't marry

    I am married and both of my brothers are married but my sister won't. One of the clans in my kingdom has no heirs and I'm trying to get the leader to marry her. I propose marriage, he says, who's hand are you offering? I say, the hand of Alda (my sister) he says, well yes I was looking for a...
  12. Unattractive character = Few babies?

    So I tried marrying the same character on 2 separate saves. On the first one, Liena found me attractive, saying "I'm flattered" on my proposal. After that we got twins plus another one in just a year. Meanwhile, on the second one, Liena didn't find my character attractive so we only got 1 baby...
  13. In Progress [e1.5.7] Spouse relation reset once married

    My bride-to-be relation was 34, reset to 0 once married. We didn't even pass our wedding night !!! --- edit --- Save uploaded within thread link
  14. Adrivan

    Resolved [1.5.7] Bugged marriage

    Tried to get a wife... but when bartering for the marriage, both me and my brother are put forward as proposals to marry the SAME woman.... I uploaded the save at
  15. Monkey

    Resolved [1.5.7 Beta Unmodded] No dialogue to marry brother to anyone

    I've just restarted my game (unmodded e1.5.7 beta) and, despite having successfully had my brother married in this last game, I can't seem to do it again on this new game (unmodded e1.5.7 beta). I've already gotten married myself (with Liena) and after having just rescued my brother I'm now...
  16. Need More Info Barter sister's marriage value over 1 million denars

    I bartered with Monchung to have my sister married to another vassal (I was already a Khuzait vassal). He had about 1.5 million denars. Even after requesting every one of his denars he was okay with the deal.
  17. Resolved Can Barter marriage of yourself and your sister even if effectively only yourself end up married.

    After starting both an alliance discussion and marriage discussion and going back to Lucon to barter my mariage. I was battering to marry both myself and Alte the sister you try to save at the start of the campaign. Luckely only myself seem to be married effectively in the end.
  18. Resolved Game crash on marriage proposal

    Game crushes on marriage proposal when you set amount of denars and delete every value except zeros GUI becomes frozen then game crashes to desktop after a couple seconds OS: Win10 GPU: gtx 1050ti GPU Driver Version: 457.51 CPU: amd ryzen 5 1600x RAM: 8gb 2934mhz Motherboard: Asus prime...
  19. Resolved Offering hand of marriage of family members

    The problem is that I'm offering of the hand of my sister, but the AI will instead offer the hand of someone in their family for your brother. Whats worse is that they are offering npc's of very high age 55 yrs old Erta, while I'm actually trying to get my sister married to Osven of the family...
  20. GG Cannon

    Resolved Marriage bug

    I came back to play after a long time, in a save game I had stopped very early on. I had not done any talks about marriage, neither mine or the character's brother. Earlier, I met Calatild, the mother of Silvind, character I wish to marry my own character. For some reason, I talked to her about...
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