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  1. Dystopian

    Need More Info Female character cannot remarry after spouse died in battle

    Summary: My character's husband died in battle (it's possible I accidentally killed him by throwing an exploding pot onto him, not sure) but although he's listed as Ex-partner or ex-spouse, she doesn't get any options to remarry. I don't want her to become a spinster. How to Reproduce: uh...
  2. PraxisLP

    Need More Info Older Brother's wife died in childbirth, can't find him a new wife.

    Summary: In the story campaign, my brother's wife died in childbirth giving birth to his 4th child. Tragic, very sad, I mourned her for many days. Now that I have finished my mourning, it's time to find him a new wife so I can keep pumping out children for the clan. HOWEVER, when speaking to...
  3. Ananda_The_Destroyer

    In Progress [1.6.4 Beta] Marriage Barter bug, auto Barter locked but can be "tricked" into 1 denar Marriage (actually no marriage happens)[Video, SAVE]

    Summary: When bartering for husband the auto barter didn't work, but by clicking the cow I got it to work and in fact get a husband for 1 denar. It should be 4-7k to marry Khada with no + relations usually. Edit: However it seems I did not actually marry Khada and can repeat this transaction, It...
  4. Resolved Marriage bug (v1.6.0 newgame)

    Media (Screenshots & Video): MOD:Japanese translation MOD, CharacterManager , SlowLooters A marriage bug has occurred in the new game since 1.6.0. I investigated the cause of the bug, and I confirmed the conditions under which it occurred. Clearing the main quest "Establish Your Clan" will...
  5. AlperAga

    In Progress Marriage issues

    Hi, Several issues will be listed here. 1 - Seems like there is sorting issue in the selectable person when offering hand for marriage: Here are 3 nephews, the sorting seems to be, from top to bottom, based on age asc. 18, 20, 21. selecting only the first one (Mete) works ("Very good"), the...
  6. Indar

    Resolved Bug with wife.

    Summary: When I'm trying to marry and negotiate with my wife's father, she disappears and her party just go to the castle. Media (Screenshots & Video): Mods I use: RTS Camera.
  7. Resolved Bug regarding marriage approval when clan leader dies.

    My character was going to marry Cidre, but then before I could get approval from her clan's leader and finish the marriage process, her clan leader died. Since Cidre gets promoted to the clan leader, I can no longer get married to her, as the dialogue option of marriage approval never popped up...
  8. Resolved Arranged Marriage /w a Jailbird

    So, this obviously worked out in a buggy way, but as I prepared save files to work on a report for it, it ended up resolving itself in a weird way. I arranged a marriage between my brother and Arwa through her father, Adram. I gave him some a fine dowry, and everybody was happy. I went to check...
  9. YouMoMCallME

    In Progress Bug with marriage

    My companions are displayed in the marriage window. BETA e1.5.1 Full Ultra Settings Steam Version No Mods Computer Specs: Win 10 gtx 1080 i7 9700k 16gb ASRock Z390 Phantom Gaming 4S SSD 500 GB
  10. Marrying off your siblings

    Looked through old posts only found two relevant. It seems to be broken atm, but was wondering if its changed in current patch (1.4.3). Tried marrying off brother, but no new dialog options appear after I'm pointed to the eligible bachelor by the clan leader. (i.e. I talk to Lucon and he says go...
  11. Resolved Marriage bug (beta 1.4.3 after new brother mission)

    After succesful making Nogand (Brother) to enter as clan member (after new mission) causes at marriage payment to state him aswell getting married to, see picture. Since im new account i had to post picture/screenshot via imgur.
  12. Resolved Game crashes when proposing marriage of spending time together

    The game crashes when I ask someone for marriage. I want to marry the king’s son and I can’t because the game crashes right as I propose “maybe you and I” or the other option. I also found common grounds with the son as in he thought we had a lot in common and it also crashed ?
  13. Resolved New wife isn't in my clan screen

    I just married Yana, and with her fathers approval. And She is still part of the Khuzait Empire, and not part of my clan. I current;y own a castle, but I am not part of any kingdom yet. Do I need to get my clan to rank 3 before she will actually join me? I've done many playthroughs since...
  14. Resolved Lord needs a tutor quest buggy when lord is your spouse

    Summary: Marriage appears to be bugged if you accept the "Lord needs a tutor" quest after marrying said lord How to Reproduce: Marry a lord who is the one being tutored in the quest. In my playthrough, this was Lasand. Before finalizing the marriage, I noticed the Lord needs a tutor quest was...
  15. I started my own kingdom and now i can’t get married

    Hey great game btw, but i followed the Neretez folly questline, chose to unite the empire, started my kingdom and now I’m at the point where i have to fight the vlandians, aserai, and kuzhaits because i couldn’t stop the conspiracy which i think may be bugged. Before i started my own kingdom i...
  16. The ever-present marriage issue

    Hello everyone! I'm currently on my 72nd hour of gameplay, on my second campaign. I had to abandon the first 30ish hours run because of the infamous 10 year limit on the main quest (yey). Now I'm having another campaign threatening problem: I can't seem to marry. My character is 42 by now, and...
  17. Resolved Marriage Problem / Bugged Game

    Hey guys I couldnt go though with marriage for some weird reason in game... so i used console commands and it said no one is suitable to marry me. Is there a console command that can override this to marry someone? Or is there anything I can do?
  18. Charm / Lord Negotiations Broken

    To whom it may concern, I'm playing on a character with 10 Social and 200 Charm. Options with a 94% Critical success chance and 0% Critical fail chance are routinely failing. I have tried quicksaving and reloading. After 20 reloads, I continuously failed the checks every single time. This is a...
  19. antlan87

    Resolved Cannot barter for spouse

    I am playing a female vassal of the Southern Empire, and have gotten to the point where Honoratus has asked me to finalize the marriage with his clan (Mestricaros) leader Oros, But even 54,000 denars and another 15,000 worth of items does not increase the acceptance bar at all, and auto barter...
  20. Ahıskalı_Çeri

    Resolved Birliği dağıtılan eşimin haritada saplanıp kalması

    Henüz hiçbir krallıkta değilim. Kendi krallığım ya da yerleşimim de yok. Evlendikten bir süre sonra eşim için ayrı bir birlik oluşturdum fakat bir süre sonra bu birliği dağıtmak istedim. Bundan sonra eşim ortadan kayboldu. İzini sürdüğümde Rhesos kalesi yakınında dağ yamacında saplanıp kaldığını...
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