1. Worlok

    Get going perk not working

    Was there any change in the logic of marriage? Get going perk always made you succeed before. Now it failed at last step and the NPC does not have the conversation option anymore if I load previous saves. Bug or feature?
  2. Ananda_The_Destroyer

    In Progress [1.6.4 Beta] Marriage Barter bug, auto Barter locked but can be "tricked" into 1 denar Marriage (actually no marriage happens)[Video, SAVE]

    Summary: When bartering for husband the auto barter didn't work, but by clicking the cow I got it to work and in fact get a husband for 1 denar. It should be 4-7k to marry Khada with no + relations usually. Edit: However it seems I did not actually marry Khada and can repeat this transaction, It...
  3. TheLordOfTheDiamond

    Bunch of questions

    Ok, let's talk about this... - Does Nathanos ever die? He lost two wives, by the way. Oh man... - How come my workshops are "level 1"? Am I supposed to upgrade them? - What's the threshold age to get married and have kids? - I have plenty of money now and I do not know what to do. How do you...
  4. Resolved Bugs with marriage

    I have bugs with marriage,when I trying to pay to the clan leader for the marriage it puts me and my brother to marry her; and also I cant marry my kids nor my brother,after the clan leader tells you to speak with the woman I see no options except of the regulars one.
  5. Suggestion: Make it so AI characters can marry each other and have kids

    I've been playing on campaign for a while and have a couple children but there is no one to further my bloodline with. All the other characters are too old to marry and my son who is old enough to actually potentially have kids of his own has no one to marry. Whether introducing random AI that...
  6. Bannerlord: I Can’t have kids!!

    So in my game I decided to marry Phaea. My character has been with her for 3+ years but I haven’t had a single child yet. I carry Phaea in my party most of the time, and yet nothing is happening. I’ve looked for solutions, but I haven’t got proper answers. It’s frustrating because I’ve sunk 126...
  7. Tconn8893

    Marry Children off

    I have been playing for a while now and I have a few children, I have asked to get them to marry people but nothing happens, is there a way to get it to work?
  8. Does founding a Kingdom disable marriage mechanic?

    Before I founded my kingdom I had lots of dead end dialogue options regarding marrying off one of my family members (I had none at the time) I founded a kingdom and decided to explore the mechanic a bit more but it has essentially vanished as an option from my game. All the videos I've seen...
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