1. I made a new castle, hope you guys like it :)

  2. Lack of maps and poor map rotation in TDM

    During the modding tools showcase we were told that creating a siege scene takes 4 weeks (timestamped) Since AI pathing/ levels/ siege equipment etc aren't needed for TDM maps its reasonable to assume they would take much much shorter to make ( I scene'd for 2-3 years for the full invasion...
  3. Futui

    SP Other Any interesting projects looking for mapmakers?

    I am looking for interesting projects for cooperation, I offer the services of a mapmaker. My specialization is maps for multiplayer, but I have experience and interest in creating maps for singleplayer mods too. Warband experience: - Napoleonic wars - many popular and not so public servers had...
  4. Corbul

    WB Other Is there a way to add more maps to the Custom Battles and Multiplayer map rosters?

    I mean, without replacing them outright. Surely there's a way of adding new multiplayer maps, but with Custom Battles, it probably either requires the mod_sys, or there's no way at all, right? Anybody done it? Could you tell me how? Thank you.
  5. HancockT35

    Better way of learning Map Names

    I personally have a really tough time knowing what the map's are even called, And it feels like their is 0 in game tools or anything to tell you the map name maybe adding a loading screen with the map name type of idea. Or even pressing tab just...
  6. BUS

    Mapper looking to help

    Looking to make scenes for Bannerlord as I am pretty well grounded with Warbands scene making. Been doing it some time now with different RP servers that be either making them completely new or even detailing the finishing touches. Here some of my work. Many more of course if your...
  7. viadersh

    Want skirmish and the captain mode can choose map.

    Hope that the skirmish and the captain mode can choose the map you want to play to match. And if there are not enough people in game, you can directly invite steam friends to join the battle.
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