map bug

  1. Need More Info Map disappears in rare cases

    Some times when you just play and open some menus like party/inventory and back to map it completely gone. Like all models didn't back to visible. To fix it need to talk to some one if you near town or save reload.
  2. Need More Info No sea-raiders to be found during sea-raider extermination quest

    The quest where a merchant wants to kill you a few groups of sea raiders can't be finished. There are no sea raiders around to kill and the ones you do find don't count towards the quest tally. In general there are comparatively very few non-looter bandits around.
  3. Need More Info Map angle hard to change with mouse

    It is very hard to change the map angle by right-clicking and dragging on the world map screen. Generally, after starting the game it works perfectly, but performance degrades over time. When it gets bad, it feels like the angle change gesture is only received by the game 10% of the time...
  4. Resolved Issue with Campaign map (Now stuck on a Peninsula)

    Hi guys, so while I was doing some missions (I had a caravan escort, and a family feud quest running) between the city Diathma and the settlement Alosea, I suddenly found myself crashing if I went outside of Diathma by a certain distance. The caravan escort mission most likely doesnt have...
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