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  1. Need More Info Crash during map navigation

    Hey guys, I've put the game on today after playing last night and now it crashes after around 10 seconds of map travel time. If I can get in to a battle it works fine. Has anyone been experiencing this? I have tried running the game in safe mode and tried loading alternative saves...
  2. Joseef

    Resolved "Party" Overworld Movement Speed Stuck at "Army" Speed

    Summary: Player's Party speed is slower than it should be after dismissing all other parties from Player's Army. "Party Speed" map tool shows correct speed value modifiers, but final value is incorrect (it remains the same as the previous Army's speed). Issue remained until I entered/exited the...
  3. Need More Info Controller click through

    Just a minor issue I've noticed that occurs 80% of the time. Using a controller 99% of the time is fine except when clicking on pause, play, or fast forward when traversing the map. The game seems to register the click on the area hidden under these buttons rather than actually selecting the...
  4. viadersh

    Online map bugs that influence banlance

    Thare是此地图中的一些错误。弓箭手可以到达那里和A / B / C的射击点,这距离骑兵和步兵的攻击甚至是地面上的弓箭手都不远。并且影响游戏的 平衡 。我建议将其修复,以便有良好的演奏体验。
  5. Resolved sıkışmış birlikler

    3 tane birlik harita dışında biryere sıkışmış ve hiçbir şekilde ulaşılamıyorum. muhtemelen bunun yüzünden kuzey imparatorluğunu ortadan kaldır görevi olmuyor.
  6. Resolved issue moving on map after convincing lord to join

    Summary: the lord attacked me but I convinced him to join. after which I could not move any more. the game stayed in a loop where he constantly wanted to attack me and me closing the conversation. issue stays after manually saving and reloading and after reloading the auto save. How to...
  7. Resolved Heroes Healing Rate not working properly

    When your character is in a city it says 12.04 at Heroes Healing Rate if you don't have a good surgeon. When out of a city its 2.04 healing rate. The issue that I see is that either if you are outside or inside a city/village when you get the the healing rate buff. The healing rate speed for...
  8. Resolved Enemy lord keeps following me after peace

    While couple of lords pursuing me after i made peace, one of them still follow me and keep opening dialogue. I stuck here and I couldn't load game because game already saved when cursed lord Baranor keeps following me.
  9. Salvation1945

    Nerfing like its an MMO

    Hey guys i have about 60 plus hours in Warband banner lord atm and ive noticed a terrible trend with recent patches. The developer changes seem to think they are working on a MMO where too much stuff is usually what ruins the game, and the game needs constant balancing to make sure all players...
  10. Like_Everyone

    Map Bugs - Water walking, Villages Floating... etc.

    So I found that you can walk on the water near Dunglanys. I posting two pictures to show what's the problem. Anyone found similar things?
  11. Resolved AI Army stuck in inaccessible terrain

    Summary: AI on map is in a location where I can't path towards, and is stuck at 0 troops (all wounded, no recovery for days) How to Reproduce: No idea. Encountered near cliffside of Rhesos Castle Quest/Settlement Name (if related): N/A Media (Screenshots & Video): Version: Noticed in Native...
  12. Need More Info The lord was stucked in mountains
  13. Caps

    Resolved Xauna

    The map is a total mess for months now and its not really clear which of them are intended or not. There are ways to glitch through the floor at the fountain. Jump behind the fence on B Jump on the rocks, wood section behind A Walk off the map or jump into a spawnpoint (after walking on the big...
  14. Ahıskalı_Çeri

    Resolved Birliği dağıtılan eşimin haritada saplanıp kalması

    Henüz hiçbir krallıkta değilim. Kendi krallığım ya da yerleşimim de yok. Evlendikten bir süre sonra eşim için ayrı bir birlik oluşturdum fakat bir süre sonra bu birliği dağıtmak istedim. Bundan sonra eşim ortadan kayboldu. İzini sürdüğümde Rhesos kalesi yakınında dağ yamacında saplanıp kaldığını...
  15. Need More Info I am forced to talk to an NPC Lord and cannot move around on map due to it.

    Summary: I interacted with an enemy NPC named Nicasor. I convinced the NPC to join the war on our side. After doing that I can no longer move around the map and try to get away from his army without being forced to talk to him (Nicasor's army is overlapping mine). Most of the time (3/4 times) I...
  16. Need More Info Main Quest Bug, possibly related to map bug

    Summary: Istiana's plan conspiracy strength reaches 2000/2000, Eliminate Western Empire reaches 100/100 and both have a green checkmark. How to Reproduce: Happens most likely due to map glitch where enemy lords (sometimes ones I have even executed) appear near rhesos castle, starving in that...
  17. Bug with allied lord and an helping hand with outcoming it.

    I come across of weird bug after convincing former enemy lord. This lord wanted to attack me while i was plundering his village i ussed an option to persuade that lord to joing my kingom. Outcome of this conversation was succesful and then he joined my kingom. after i used option to leave he...
  18. Need More Info MAIN QUEST / NPC noble stuck in part of map I cannot reach.

    So I have seen similar posts like this one.. In order for me to eliminate the empire. I need to defeat one more army (NPC). However that NPC is stuck on the part of the map I cannot reach. See image Here.
  19. Need More Info Single Player Map/Interaction Bug

    While sieging a city I was attacked by mercenaries from another faction and then I paid them to join my faction through the dialog menu. After this I have been stuck in siege mode without being able to assault the city or leave the siege. When clicking around the map the siege camp rotates to...
  20. DegreAbsolu

    Need More Info Can't enter settlement / talk / attack

    Summary: Locked on woldmap and the only action possible is moving around. I did not tried to get myself attacked to know if this option is working. The game in unplayable, exit & restart did not change anything. How to Reproduce: (don't know) I had just leaved an army, walking around, paused...
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