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  1. genrev0914

    Resolved Shader Quality Above low cause dark patches on map

    Shader Quality set on medium and high cause dark patches on my map, I'm not sure if it is a native bug, but maybe it was caused by corrupted file because during download the laptop goes sleep. I have verified file integrity through steam and it still there. The remedy I did is just set the...
  2. Xazbot

    Resolved Omor - walk around the streets - Spawn bug 1.5.2 (beta)

    When walking around the street, the character spawns inside the main gate and is stuck. Keep up the good word
  3. Resolved Town and Castle militia standing outside their castles in separate parties

    Several of the town militias in the faction I have joined have become separate parties stationed outside the castles they are supposed to be garrisoned in with the title of militia of <castle/town name> with their action listed as unknown behavior. The other factions in game appear to not have...
  4. Lord Eastwood

    In Progress Map exploitation on Skala Landing

    Recently, today, on the siege testing for Skala Landing I found a route which can be used to get on top of buildings as well as going through walls.
  5. Resolved Campaign map visual bug makes game unplayable

    I've had this issue for a few weeks now. It's always the same, I cannot find a way to fix it. The map vibrates and warps constantly. Here:
  6. Pathing, Unpassable Terrain

    To the south and around Urikskala Castle in Sturgian territory. Is the terrain around there supposed to be unpassable? If so it is visibly quite hard to discern what is unpassable and not, I got stuck in a corner just to the right of the castle and eaten alive by an enemy army.
  7. Resolved Being Chased, Caught, Enter Convo, Brokering Peace, Exiting Convo, it Loops Back to Entering Conversation.

    After breaking off a siege due to the enemy's army being larger and attempting to escape. The AI army caught up, rather than fighting the armies brokered a deal for peace. After exiting this conversation to travel away, on the map the player's party is standing still while the AI party is...
  8. Elsek

    Resolved Going underwater in the campaign map.

    While chasing a bandit group in singleplayer I found myself underwater on the campaign map near the city of Vostrum. Version:e1.4.1 The underwater can be acsesed from the beach near the ships. Screen shots:
  9. ScipioTheGreat

    In Progress Xuana not present in Skirmish Map Pool

    Ever since the Hotfix (e1.4.1 - 09/06/20), the Xuana map no longer appears for Skirmish games on the NA server. I'm under the impression that this isn't intended, since the patch notes only state that barrier issues were resolved with the map, not completely pulling it from MP. If there is...
  10. Resolved Getting stuck between the siege tower and the castle wall.

    During a siege today I encountered this map bug for the first time, since I got insta swarmed by millitia I fell back and accidentally fell from the castle walls between the siege tower and the wall itself, I was unable to get out. Here's the video:
  11. EsmeTheHorseHead

    Resolved Spawn at nonaccess location

  12. MrMaselko

    Resolved [1.4.0] Ground material on a siege map

    During a siege I've noticed that in some places there are bricks like these and these on the ground that slow down anyone that walks on them. They look just like the ones that stairs are made of and have the same slowing effect, so i guess the map designer was a bit sleep deprived.
  13. Elsek

    Resolved I fell under the map during a multiplayer match.

    I was playing a captain mode match yesterday.While fighting on horseback I suddently found myself under the bridge I sadly couldn't find the name of the map or a list of maps.But it was the stormy night one. Here is a screen shot of it...
  14. Mopsolini

    Resolved Way to go beyond the playing area in MP

    At this video you can see how we ( me - Mops and a member of clan [GH] could get out of the playing area in MP. He could go even further, but fell. That wasn't easy , but if you menage to jump on the orange awning behind Invincible you will be able to get to the balcony and for example as archer...
  15. Need More Info Thanks For not Letting Me Play the Game

    there is nothing to say anymore I go into the game, I walk on the map, it crashes instantly I go to war even if it doesn't crash, the screen suddenly turns dark and these errors have just begun, so instead of solving the game's errors, you are bringing new errors to the game Even your perks...
  16. Need More Info Game freezes on world map on the same day and time of day on all saves and new campaigns. Re-validated game files, beta and stable branches dont fix.

    Its a new campaign, no new mods or updates its just the same mods I have had for a while. Just made a new game and it keep happening. I had a very good start with this new campaign so I really want to keep it but when trying to travel from Lycaron towards Rhotae it freezes, even if I take...
  17. Need More Info crashing while navigating the map

    Whenever I enter the game, I progress on the map or wait in a castle, the game crashes in a short time I can't play the game right now. Please help me.
  18. Resolved Converted enemy warband during engagement, now permanently engaging when trying to leave

    I was caught by an enemy party but convinced them to join my empire instead of coming to blows. However, even though their flag is my color and their clan fully in my empire, their army unit color is of their original enemy nation (not hostile red, just the original color.) It also has swords...
  19. Resolved damn BUG on the map this error in other parts of the map some of my comrades got stuck in this error please help
  20. Ruskor

    Resolved Bug on the map

    Today I found a funny bug, I called it "I'm in the house" Here you can hide from opponents; D
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