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  1. lukkyb

    In Progress Castle has an invisble wall at top of stairs

    Summary: Gaos Castle has a stairway on the right side (defenders viewpoint) where troops get stuck on an invicible wall How to Reproduce:Go to the stairs and walk at it Have you used cheats and if so which: Nope Scene Name (if related): Gaos Castle Media (Screenshots & Video): Can be done not...
  2. Is there a limit on the number of settlements added to the big map?

    Is there a limit on the number of settlements added to the big map?
  3. Short_n_quick

    In Progress [e1.7.0] Camera glitches out when going along the edge of the map near Simira Castle

    Summary: When going along the edge of the map between Odokh and Ortongard, going in to the upper lands that are near the map border camera seems to stick in place, having character off center and having weird controls. I would say that it resembles if border for the camera is met earlier than...
  4. Resolved Fen Altai Ballista Rush

    Summary: I assume this is a bug because this particular ballista is only accessible early round using cav jump. It doesnt seem to be the intention. How to Reproduce: Using cav, jump the marked spot and gain access to marked ballista Scene Name (if related): Fen Altai Media (Screenshots & Video)...
  5. LDominating

    Resolved Extreme Tree spawn on a map.

    Summary:At a corner of a battlefield map,where troops retreat,lots of tree spawn which causes drop in fps,like -30 fps. How to Reproduce:Doesn't matter,it's probably a bug. Have you used cheats and if so which:No Scene Name (if related):I can't remember,really... Media (Screenshots &...
  6. Aleaume d'Angon

    In Progress Testing custom map causes it to crash on loading

    Summary: Hello, I'm having an issue trying to launch a custom map from custom battle to test it, but it cash when loading (the map has no errors in the modding tools). The map is quite old but i reopened, and saved it in 1.6.3 in modding tools with no problems. I wonder what is wrong with it...
  7. In Progress the army of disrupt supply line is disappearing on map

    I play normal game with ironman mod. And i was doing disrupt supply line quest . They were near to me then i saved game and exited . After some mins i open the game and they disappeared , they are not exist anymore . Probably after 10 days quest will be failed
  8. Need More Info World Map looks like a checker board ?

    Summary: How to Reproduce: I just tryed reinstalling game and i look at world map and it has black lines that make up squares across whole map Have you used cheats and if so which: None Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS:Windows 10 Pro Verison 21H1 OS build...
  9. Resolved Offset Nameplates

    Summary: Nameplates been offset How to Reproduce: I played on iron mode, and haven't been giving an opportunity to try and reproduce. I entered Lageta, choose arena, lost the first match, skipped the remaining fights, got back to town menu, and evey name plate was offset. The bug presisted...
  10. Mexicano the Mountain

    In Progress Out of Map Glitches in captain mode

    Summary: 2 out of map glitches for 2 different maps in captains mode Have you used cheats and if so which: no this is in the standard multiplayer game Scene Name (if related): Deriad and Cliffs Maps on Captain Mode Media (Screenshots & Video): Please can I get a bug catcher badge?
  11. Lonewarrior

    Need More Info Visual glitchs on map after recent hotfix

    No mods enabled. 1.5.7 version of bannerlord: Steam files Verified after hotfix but issue remains. Ive never seen this problem before. Before the hotfix everything was working fine, but the main map now shows this for me:
  12. Need More Info Battanian Teleportation bug

    Hello, I Was playing bannerlord as the vlandians, we were at war with the battanians. Everything was going well until I kept being approached by a battanian party out of nowhere. I gave them money so as not to attack me, so I can observe what was happening. The battanian party was teleporting...
  13. Brotila

    Need More Info Enemies Glitching Under Map

    At first enemies would only glitch through the map on desert maps. They would either spawn inside rock formations (some of them are hollow or have tunnels inside of them), or they would clip into them somehow. However, now it has happened to me on a river map. At some point during the battle the...
  14. In Progress I can't engage party on Beta Patch (1.5.7)

    Hi, after playing for quite a while, I can't engage enemy party or any other party in the game. My clan just starts following the party very close and can't engage. I need to close the game and re-open it so it can reset the bug. It happened about 8-9 in a few hours of gameplay. Also, I do not...
  15. Resolved When attacking hostile parties on the map game will match the speed of the hostile party and refuse to engage.

    Occasionally when I attack hostile parties on the map my party will catch them and then match their speed and refuse to go into combat mode. Usually gets fixed with a reload or a game restart. Can't tell what causes it.
  16. Resolved Campaign Map interactions are blocked

    Overview When Player is in the siege progress, faction declares peace. Player is thrown out of the siege and afterwards can't interact with anything and anyone on the map. How to reproduce 1. Be a part of a faction 2. Besiege any castle/town 3. Encounter peace declaration with your enemy 4*...
  17. Resolved Dissolving party placed parties on non valid terrain

    Windows 10 No mods Bannerlord v1.5.3 After having a big army taking the castle, I dissolved it and all parties were rearranged on the map leaving two in a non walkable terrain (125, 143). Parties can't move and started to lose troops.
  18. BrokenOlive

    Resolved Broken Campain lord mesh.

    In this case, it's Battanaian lords, but I've had this in previous versions of the game, namely 1.5.1 which the current 1.5.3 uses the 1.5.1 product. so yeah... In battle...
  19. DawnDude

    Resolved Can't see any decision notifications

    Summary: I can't see any of the decision notifications that should appear on the right hand side of the screen when on the world map. How to Reproduce: This happened in the middle of my playthrough out of the blue as far as I'm concerned, so I don't know how to recreate it. I've noticed that if...
  20. Adult children/heirs have been removed?

    Hey so recently I posted a bug report about how my main heroes ADULT children are not spawning into the map world. They reach 18, and even older, and remain only as data. In clan tab they are described as "HOLDING" at usually "Chaikand." A community support staff listed my reports as "solved"...
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