1. five bucks

    Future Plans post 2 from Taleworlds

    1 year ago, Taleworlds made a Future Plans post, which told us some of the features they wanted to include in the game, and an estimated release date of Q2 2022. We're now in Q3 2022. The release date was missed again. The planned features are only half done. There's been no patch for nearly 2...
  2. Ananda_The_Destroyer

    Want Man-Hunters, Less bandits, Less hideouts, want Auto resolve changed for player, want control of parties, Rant

    I hate that the game just spawns looters and bandits no matter what. There should be a reason that can be prevented or encouraged that spawns them, not just a daily tick of "not enough bandits? ok I poo poo more into your map, regards the game". That's dum and warband was much better because It...
  3. five bucks

    Bannerlord's Gameplay Has Gone Backwards In Multiple Areas From Warband

    Hi all. If we compare Bannerlord to Warband, which was made 10 years ago, we see Taleworlds has definitely improved the visual presentation, the battle size, and added a lot of depth to some game mechanics, which is great. However, some people call Bannerlord "shallow" and "soulless", because...
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