1. TheBerserk

    Do you think Callum or other CM really communicates the requests of the players ?

    ...or is this another problem ?
  2. Influence over city and kingdoms

    An influence system, where you can ask people for favours like helping someone to escape prison or kidnapping/killing someone or giving away information. Perhaps even manipulating the defence at a siege( destroying arrows, poisining guards,) to make it easier to conquer a castle/ town. In order...
  3. limier

    Spend less time baybysitting towns

    Could be great to spend less time babysitting towns, cities that are producing foods stuff are starving when you increase the number of caravans because they buy all the food. example : Argoron with the fish. you constantly need to buy and inject food into the market to prevent the garrison to...
  4. vadeN

    Party Categories

    In the party view, you can for example see what category a certain troop is part of (i.e. infantry, archer, cavalry etc.) by an icon. I think there should be a way to make the categories easier to group up in the party view so you can see easier how many there are of a certain category, it...
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