main quest

  1. Arozes

    (Main Quest Bugg)

    i did the (main) quest talk to 10 lords afther that you need to talk to 2 guys you need to clear out 2 hideouts one works the other one just disappears afther you cleared it so dont have the 3 dragon banner items only 2/3 :(
  2. Resolved Can't complete the Neretzes's Folly Quest

    I got 9/10 of the nobles I need to talk to. The only one remaining is Garios, but we (Southern Empire) are at an constant war with him even though his faction don't own land anymore and even when I have him in my OWN prison he tells me "I am not allowed to talk with you". Is there any way I can...
  3. springare

    Missing Noble, Not where it says he is.

    So I am trying to do this Main Quest chain of chasing down all the nobles, since I must have some kind of OCD and can't just ignore a quest. I have 8/10 now but one noble that is supposed to have the info I need to nowhere to be found. It says he was "last seen at Jaculan today", everyday. But...
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