1. dariel

    OSP Oriental 3D Art Update to Indo-Persian Armory

    (EDIT: link updated) Hi all, I've updated my offering of Indo-Persian weapons, shields and armor. You can find the new file here The pack now includes: 97 Indo-Persian armors (mail, mail and plate...
  2. Eärendil Ardamírë

    LSP Kit QoL Bags & Bottles LSP Code Kit

    The purpose of this LSP Code Kit is to enable a bit of diversification of the looks of troops at the battles, to reduce a little bit the clone like look of them at the scenes. It contains code examples for different cases as well as example resource files (1 brf file + 1 texture) which can get...
  3. Alphα

    LSP Medieval 3D Art [LSP] Medieval Props - WIP

    Hi all! I recently finished my final year student project and I thought, because I love this community so much I could share some props for Bannerlord Modders. It's going to be [LSP] as I want to keep tracks and control of my work. All the items have been made for UE4 and need to be slightly...
  4. Iceqatius

    Native LSP 2D Art Castle Props Retextured

    Here is a package for all the modders/scenemakers in the Warband community, 11 new retextured Castle packs with all their own resources and textures (including normalmap images) and some extra props. This also includes module entries and text entries for easier usage. This is a LSP resource...
  5. ឵឵ ឵឵ ឵឵

    LSP Other 3D Art Grims Workshop: New: Some Fantasy Items

    This is an Idea where this page will add more LSP's you guys vote in polls as well random LSP's that could work with warband. Grims Recolorable Hats! Download Link: These hat models are fully...
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