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love the game

  1. Need More Info game keeps crashing after every battle

    Summary: game keeps crashing after every battle 2021-07-18_19.37.01_199db124490a7702ebe5ee5838f11f98 How to Reproduce: Have you used cheats and if so which:no cheats no mods Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: GPU: GPU Driver Version: CPU: RAM...
  2. Faustus

    So, when are we returning to the pre-release map?

    Let's be honest, the new map isn't all that great. While it certainly looks pretty, weird reshuffling of city names, nonsensical geography, and poor game balance (especially for little old sturgia) all keep it from being truly good. On the other hand, this old map we had was pretty damn good in...
  3. Need More Info Shields on backs, and troop group assignments

    I looked through the list of unsolved issues and couldn't find anything for my 2 'complaints'. First - I was running down some crossbowmen that had pavise shields. I could shoot them in the back and their shield wouldn't block my arrows, nor my sword strikes. I recall that the original M&B the...
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