lord's hall

  1. five bucks

    Minister in Lord's Hall: A remote communication system to reduce frustration!

    The most frustrating thing about playing as a ruler is you can't send messages, or have people come visit you, like a king could in real life. Instead you have to travel yourself to the location of anyone you want to talk to, and you don't even know where they actually are, which can mean a lot...
  2. kopus

    Resolved Lords Hall Pillar/Board Game Placement

    Summary: Board games in the lord's halls are strangely placed inside pillars. Even without this placement, some games would freeze in the middle and not allow additional moves by the player. How to Reproduce: Approach a board game in the lord's hall. Have you used cheats and if so which: None...
  3. kopus

    Praven Lord's Hall Pillar Placement Bug

    Self explanatory issue I believe:
  4. Blayde

    Resolved Hiring from the Lord's Hall

    Summary: so each time i load save/enter the lord's hall there is a random(s) guard that can act as tavern hiring replacing it How to Reproduce: so whenever i enter lord's hall and talk to guards which are troops from garrison i can hire them as like hiring tavern thugs or watchman am not sure...
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