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lord spawn

  1. Suggestion - Lord spawn period

    Hey guys, So I saw something a lot of people have been complaining recently to an extreme (playing 1.4 patch). Defeated a AI Lord near Dunglanys and I set him free after, I moved to around Uthelaim Castle and surprise, there he was with a force of 75 men!! Now granted, I did set him free but...
  2. Resolved heroes disappearing from game

    so i have looked a noble up in the encyclopedia to try to marry them go to the city that they were last seen at and they are not there. every time i enter that city the encyclopedia updates and insists they are in the city. i later convince the clan to join me the entry updates to a new city but...
  3. AlperAga

    Lords spawning with troops after defeat ruins the game

    When a lord is defeated, once he respawns on the map, he comes with free troops. I guess this was the way to fix the snowball effect we had before, and has been well discussed in this reddit thread But this implementation totally ruins the game. I'm trying to create my kingdom by taking the...
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