logistics and supply lines

  1. darksoulshin


    this thread takes you to three interlinked threads which are intended to: - balance the prices (maximum and minimum) by spreading excesses over time in terms of maintenance -to take away that RNG out of the loot mechanics: if i kill 20 sea riders with chain mail, i want to find 20 chain mails on...
  2. BazingJava

    Supply lines

    I know it's a bit far fetched, but it will resolve agressive expansionists and castles deep inside enemy lines (that make no sense) Creating a chain of supply between an owned castle/city to the army position. Creating multiple points inbetween them. Those points would be vulnerable to raids...
  3. darksoulshin

    LOGISTICS ,SUPPLY LINES and WARFARE (how to balance the "snowball" effect)

    below there is a link related to a thread I wrote on the subject LINK TO THE THREAD,CLICK HERE--->LOGISTICS AND SUPPLY LINES and WARFARE(singleplayer) The snowball effect derives from the fact that AI is very aggressive and that it has few limits from the point of view of the mobility of large...
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