1. SP - General Party Screen QoL

    I was looking at the party screen and noticed there's actually a lot of space between the names and the number of troops. You could put some icons there that give you some info about the unit, like: - can couch lance - can spear brace - 1 quiver or 2 quivers - bow or crossbow - extra damage to...
  2. Stache73

    SP - UI Trade/Goods list soting to stay pervasive from market to market

    Hi, thnaks for a super game! I am addicted :) I would like the trade/goods/market list to stay (pervasively) sorted the way I chose to sort the list from town to town so that if for example I sorted the goods list ascending by value of goods, I would like the list to still be sorted that way in...
  3. Stache73

    SP - UI Quests sortable by number of days deadline

    Hi, thnaks for a super game! I am addicted :) I would like the quest list to be sortable ascending and descending, by number of days (deadline), and I would like my choice of sorting to stay that way (pervasive) when I leave the quest list so the list is still sorted the way I chose to sort it...
  4. SP - UI This little post battle hover-over info would be great QOL improvement for big battles.

    If it's not clear on a first glance - There's a mouse pointer over number of dead troops.
  5. Golodir

    A.I. Points [Ratings of MP players in Bannerlord]

    A.I. POINTS Arni · Inspire The list takes into the account BEAST 4 and pickups, out of that individually, we're valuing performance in different aspects such as pure mechanical skill, teamplay, experience and game sense. The list is going to be updated after each major tournament. INFANTRY...
  6. Aeronwen

    ? Bannerlord Competitive Scene

    This thread gathers basic information about Bannerlord tournaments. Help in completing the information and any constructive suggestions are welcome. Please post any tournament information. Some resources for tournament administrators are: Calendar Entry Requests...
  7. Sgtskywalk

    SP - UI Main menu options renaming

    Very small suggestion, but it would be much better and user-friendly to rename and move the following options in the main menu as follows: "Campaign" --> Rename it to "New campaign" and move it to the very top of the list. "Saved games" --> Rename it to "Load game" and put it as the 2nd option...
  8. Monkey

    How to add an additional line to the right of the portrait for each entry in the clan parties screen list?

    What I'm trying to do is pretty much this: I'm not worried about adding the food part yet. I'm just trying to make it so there are the portrait and two lines per entry (instead of just one, which makes the party names wrap uglily). I've been messing with the file (C:\Program Files...
  9. TheHangover

    Tüm soyluların skill listesi yok mu?

    Soyluların belirli bir sayıdan düşük olan skilleri ansiklopedide gözükmüyor. Yok mu redditte tüm asillerin skill listesi gibi bir şey bilen varsa link atabilir mi?
  10. Athenon_FireBlood

    My *opinion* on the MP units tier list (skirmish) e1.2.0

    ***This is only my opinion based on my experience with the game. I am not a greater god that knows it all*** (or am I :xf-cool: ) I will start by ranking each unit individually then explain why I put them at say rank. *Ranked from top to bottom in each sections* RANK S -Veteran (Aserai) RANK...
  11. Cataphracts both elite and non elite use imperial lance, not cataphracts Lance , or cataphract mace

    So the elite and non elite version of the empire cataphract horses units use imperial Lance and a sword not sure which one but same one. I think if this was changed so at the very least the elite version should use a cataphract Lance and probably the cataphract mace as secondary , maybe non...
  12. dijiTurk

    [AEmap#2] Design List (TR/EN)

    EN English translation will be here soon, but not very soon. Bu grupta Bannerlord'un geçtiği zamanda, Bannerlord'daki krallıklar ve ekipmanlarla yapılacak bir kuşatma karşılaşmasının geçeceği harita, antik bir bölgede olacak şekilde ve de kısmen kurgulanarak, zenginleştirici içerik eklemeleri...
  13. Rogue life experience, expectations and some observations

    English is not my native language, so mistakes could be made. I tried to play “rogue” style campaign. This is my third one, but first one on realistic. I got myself army of ~100 bandits, mostly forest ones and sea rider chiefs. To balance movement speed of my party i needed few Highwaymen. To...
  14. SvÄn

    Clanliste und Informationen 25.04.2022

    ClantagClanname Kontakt Ansprechpartner Spielstil Rekrutiert ? [DR]DeutschritterSvÄn, NoVaKompetitiv + CasualJa Clans sind herzlich eingeladen im offenen Community Discord des Deutschen M&Bund einen Kanal zu beantragen. Für eine Aufnahme posted einen Beitrag in folgender Form nachdem...
  15. Need More Info Bugs I've encountered.

    Issiues I've run into: English is not my first langauge, I can clarify if something is not understandable. - Infinite loading when attacking certain hideouts, I've noticed Sea Raider is one of them. (Possibly fixed in the new bug patch) - Game crashes when talking to quest givers in certain...
  16. Resolved Bug Reports -

    Here is the The Massive List of Bugs listed on steamcommunity by players..
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