1. Nodice83

    Book(s) that changed your life (and optionally: why?)

    Hello Folks, First of all, I do not want this thread to be any sort of competition to which is great readers' thoughts exchange platform! My point here is: I feel life is too short to read...
  2. Keimpe


    Hi, Are there any plans of making the game feel more alive? And no i don't mean a rat per Tavern. - Add birds. Never have i seen such lifeless skies. - Bugs - Fish In short where is the flavour of all scenes?
  3. A easier way to control birth

    Right now to make your wife pregnant you have to wait/be in the same location as her. It make take few days, can take few weeks and many tries over this. But today I remembered an old game, that probably doesn't even exist anymore - Fable 3... Remember that? On Fable when the dynamic of...
  4. ViriathusTG

    Quality of life suggestions

    Hey, I have some suggestions just for quality of life of the game, feel free to also post yours - Like in Warband, when you have a prisoner it shows next to your party number for example 13 + 2 - When you want to give your companion a weapon, then still be able to talk with the companion about...
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