1. Guild level

    Hi guys. The request is simple. I've been playing for a couple of days. I only have a few cities. But the clan level is already 6. I think it won't hurt anyone if you raise the max lvl of the clan to 10. Many adult players spend a few month to capture the map with realism and getting pleasure...
  2. WouLinX

    RPG Elementlerinin Artırılması

    İyi bir yayı kullanmak için okçuluk seviyemizin yüksek olmasını istiyor. Aynı şey diğer silahlarda neden yok? Sadece paramızın yettiği her silahı ve her zırhı kullanabiliyoruz. Sonra da erkenden sıkılmaya başlıyoruz oyundan. Zırhlar için belli bir seviye isteseydi, silahlar için de her silahın...
  3. HarmandasLTP

    Başka Partideki Kardeşim Seviye Atladı

    Kardeşime ayrı parti kurmuştum. Kendisi gezinirken seviye atladı ve bir adet skill point kazandı ancak ben bu skill pointi onun perklerinden hiçbirine veremiyorum çünkü aynı partide bulunmam gerektiğini söylüyor. Partiye alabilmem için de sanırım onun partisini dağıtmam gerekiyor ki bu mânâsız...
  4. XP system incorrectly implemented

    Am I the only one who now has to attain 9k+ skill points to get to the next level? I’ve started a new character and it’s still requiring something around 2k skill points to get to the next level.
  5. Lucius Confucius

    Sack/raze settlements or other ways to decrease building levels.

    Once a settlement or castle is fully upgraded, that's it, finito finato. No need to do anything with it anymore. But what if taking a castle reduced all building levels (including walls) by 1? That would make things interesting. Or optionally, keep the current system, but add the ability to...
  6. ReganKorn

    Bogen Level 100 Perk

    Hi zusammen, Wie im Titel erwähnt, habe ich mein Bogen Level auf 100 gebracht. Und habe da das Perk: Kann jeden Bogen auf Pferd benutzen. Wenn ich jetzt aber z.b. denn Edlen Langbogen Ausrüste den, man ja nicht zu Pferd benutzen kann. Kann ich ihn aber trotzdem nicht auf einen Pferd benutzen...
  7. Kuhrel

    [Skills] Character improving skills over the learning limit

    Summary: I noticed my character is getting xp and levels for his steward and medicine abilities even though it is at its learning limit. I think this may be happening to companions too, although only for certain skills. While I noticed they can have skills over their limits (riding for example)...
  8. How to increase the number of our party?

    Hey guys, how to increase the number of our party? Is it needed to level up our character, first? Thanks in advance for your help.
  9. MrVectorHC

    New exp system in 1.1.0 feels too easy

    Hi! Thanks for the awesome game! I have to mention that using the old save with 1.1.0 will suddenly give players a lot of skill points into things they were focused on. I think it's clear that it happens because of the new exp requirements being way lower, but had to mention anyway. However...
  10. is there a level cap?

    is there a level cap? or do i have the option to level any skill to the max?
  11. Leveling up your character descreases your skill learning rate for all skills

    I am reporting it as a bug because it seems the mechanic is counterintuitive and not described anywhere. Based on research done by people in this reddit thread: link The formula for skill learning rate is: LearningRate = 20 / ( 10 + HeroLevel) * (1 + 0.4 * Attribute + Focus) The first part 20...
  12. Net XP gain calculation ignoring digits in the tens place on.

    Currently for all skills in the game, the total modifier for learning a skill is being cut off in the tens place onwards. This means that if you have a modifier of + 21.7 to smithing, you will actually only get a +1.7 (or at least this is what is displayed). If you have say +75.20, +22.63, and...
  13. Leveling system

    I noticed that leading nearly every single battle myself, my companions for example level up quite quickly, getting point in riding for just riding around, whilst me, being at 10-15 kills nearly every battle, receiving almost nothing. I for example never received a point in riding, tho I ride...
  14. Attribute Points vs Focus Points

    Am I going mad or do they serve the exact same purpose of increasing skill level cap and exp gain, just by different amounts. Also, if yes why in **** would that be a thing just remove the one and implement the effect to the other. Yes I know that attribute points affect all 3 skills under their...
  15. Multiplayer Leveling System, Whats with It?

    So ya, I can't find any info about what the plans for level ups in multiplayer... I can think of all kinds of cool stuff they could do,,, like who played "War of The Vikings"? Does anyone have any solid leads on actual devs. plans though,,, would appreciate links, thank you.
  16. Yoldaş seviye ve yetenekleri?

    Yoldaş seviye ve yeteneklerini nasıl geliştireceğimizi keşfedemedim. Kimi kervanda kimi şehir görevlerinde kimi yanımda savaşlarda, özetle mantıken yapılması gereken herşeyi denedim fakat hiç bir şekilde seviye yada yetenek geliştirmesi yapamadım, aydınlatacak olursa seviniriz..
  17. Need More Info Impossible to level Crossbow skill.

    I didn't take any point in crossbow during character creation and only have 5 crossbow skill as a result. However, the only crossbow in the game (that I've seen) seems to have a minimum level of 20 to use. So levelling crossbow is impossible for me. I've seen other people say that they've...
  18. Vellarain

    Which leveling system do you prefer Warband or Bannerlord?

    Alrighty twenty hours in and with a level 15 character I feel like I can remark on some things. If you sit there and seriously try and harp about it is early access, I played the original game back when it was not even available on steam. If there is one thing that should be solid over the other...
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