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  1. D0c1

    In Progress leadership is even more broken now than it used to

    leadership used to give 0.2 morale per skill level but now it is buffed to 0.4. at 150 leadership (i took a quick glance and saw AI lords have 120-160) it used to give 30 morale. now it gives 60 so all lords will be running around with max morale all the time (base is 50 morale) might as well...
  2. Stand and Delivah

    Unresolved Party size 107/63 ??????

    here's the problem: my party size was 124 at some point, and then, all of the sudden, I dropped to 63, but keeping the 107 soldiers I had before, so the party size is being displayed like this: 107/63, can't recruit anyone. My charisma is 13, my renown is 30, my leadership is 4. In the party...
  3. Apocal

    Changes in Leadership perks on the 1.5.5 beta branch.

    tl;dr Some are good but others are really bad. First off, they were totally unannounced in the patch notes. Why would you do this? Leadership 25 -- Boosted the XP gains of both so they actually matter, great. Good stuff. Leadership 50 -- Additional 20 morale has been reduced to 4 and 8 for...
  4. Bob The Mexican

    About Leadership skill

    Curently in the game there are three was to increase your Leadership skill: 1) Recruit a lot of troops (gives you very small amount of skill XP) 2) Maintain high morale (gives you small but more or less stable amount of skill XP) 3) Assemble and lead armies (the only real way to increase that...
  5. Rhyuus

    Disciplinarian perk too late?

    I think the disciplinarian perk should be one of the first in the leadership skill tree, or even in another skill tree (eg. roguery) because: Leadership is hard to level at the beginning, but it's the first few days where you are actively hunting looters/bandits and eventually recruit them. At...
  6. Companion Leadership skill

    Ok so I know companions are not fully implemented yet but I'm having an issue with the fact that not a single companion has any skill in leadership. Many of the quest I come across require companions to have minimum skill levels in order for them to carryout the task rather than me, for...
  7. Improvements: Cheering - Morale - Clan - Leadership XP - Hideouts - Range OP - Naming

    Several QoL improvements to the game that I feel would improve the overall base experience. With the exception of 3a the are all super easy to mod in and thus implement in native. Hope to see these by the end of EA :) Loving the game, bugs and all. 1: A "Press X to cheer" Button that has a...
  8. How would you approach this situation

    You have 40 ppl in your party. 50 archers are coming at you in open field You have an even mix of Infantrymen, horse archers, horsemen, and archers. How would you set up formations? this is mostly out of curiosity for myself as I struggle with large groups of archers currently :)
  9. Unresolved Perks - Bandits recruitment and Discipline

    Hey Guys. I think it is best for me to create a thread about bandit related perks. Most of my perks seems not to be working. Specifically the rogue perk 275 for recruitment of bandits and discipline from the leadership tree. Ie I have bandit but it says I cannot convert them to battanian fian...
  10. ̑͏🅠

    Unresolved Disciplinarian and some perks not working, and why.

    In TaleWorlds.CampaignSystem.DefaultPerks.InitializePerks... LeadershipDisciplinarian.Initialize( "{=ER3ieXOb}Disciplinarian", "{=2feqprAv}You are able to revert bandits into regular troops .", DefaultSkills.Leadership, this.GetTierCost(5), this.LeadershipDispenserOfJustice...
  11. Leadership not increasing despite 5 focus points used

    My green bar in the Leadership skill is gigantic, but the skill is still sitting at 16, I keep recruiting people and keeping morale as high as i can with food and victories, but it is increasing in a slug pace, is this a bug or did i miss something?
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