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  1. StaceMcGate

    Please rework Leadership, Trade, and Steward

    The gist of my argument here is that Steward currently has too many responsibilities assigned to it and Trade/Leadership are lacking in the perks they can assign to the player. Steward should delegate some its responsibilities to Leadership and Trade while having a specific purpose in what it is...
  2. Leadership and Steward are overlapping skill lines needing some rework

    One of the most annoying things that have bothered me about the skill tree are the leadership and steward trees, I long thought it was a bug that steward, a skill line mostly about supplies and managing fiefs, was given a party bonus, while leadership, a skill line about well, leading parties...
  3. Stand and Delivah

    tamanho da party 107/63??

    o tamanho máximo da minha party era 130. Do nada, ele diminuiu para 63, mantendo os 107 soldados que eu já possuía, portanto, o tamanho meu exército aparece assim: 107/63. Não consigo recrutar ninguém, e se meu ecército fica abaixo de 63 soldados, também eu não consigo recrutar ninguém além...
  4. Xaerdys

    [Suggestion] Split up Disciplinarian Perk

    The Disciplinarion Perk is good. In fact it's so good,the author of bannerlordperks.com (Who was that again?) urges you to get this perk. Thats because Tier 4 bandits can be converted to the noble line of their respective cultures troops. Which is good, and, I guess, the reason, why you get...
  5. Not leveling leadership?

    My leadership isn't leveling even though my troops have 70 morale and I have as many points as I could put into it. I also made sure to have food diversity but nothing is working? It's at x7.24 learning rate.
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