1. Laky25cz

    Unresolved Mount and Blade Warband Viking Conquest Extreme FPS Drop

    Hello, When Playing around 30-60 minutes, and i try to enter tavern/battle the FPS drops to 1 and I can't do anything, Not even exit to menu, So I need to CTRL+ALT+DELETE and open task manager and quit the application, I'm playing on Steam and i never had this issue before, it started 1 day ago...
  2. Resolved Multiplayer FPS drops

    Summary: When I play singleplayer the game runs smoothly on singleplayer but whenever I play launch multiplayer the game occasionally have a fps drop in the menu or in a server and last week the game was running fine but now it is not. How to Reproduce: Just launch the game multiplayer...
  3. NameUser

    Fruits and Bots

    Experience own: Fruits these people who fear to enjoy a natural play and think that with lag they can make something better. Bots: these programs or configuration made for game and do a stupid action or even a friend be a bot too Fruits make lag so short, Bots make lag so big, both of them...
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