1. LuProHD

    Why were the siege battles fixed by a modder and not by TaleWorlds?

    I just can't believe how a single modder has solved the Siege problem so perfectly and TaleWorlds with 100 employees still hasn't managed it after 1 and a half years. What could be the reason?
  2. LuProHD

    I hope TW never stop to release new patches after Early Acces!

    I hope Bannerlord Patch Support will never stop after Early Acces because i cant get enough of new content. Its like all the time an gift for me when they release patches with content, even when its a small patch. I only hope they fix someday the Siege Ladder Problem because this is the most...
  3. LuciusDomitiusAurelianus

    Destructible Ladders

    TL;DR = I want to be able to Destroy ladders. Now that Ladder pathing / AI is mostly fixed, it is exposing the really bad (currently as of 1.6.2 and forever) Archer / castle defense AI. A whole hoard of burly bois climb up, spank everyone, kill the reinforcements who just blindly run to their...
  4. Andreypride

    Resolved Siege formation bug

    Summary: If during the siege the first formation of troops is taken under control, then after the destruction of the ram, all archers merge with the infantry on the right and left sides of the wall and begin to fight in close combat. If the first formation is not taken under your control, then...
  5. Need More Info crash during castle assault - soldiers blocked ladders

    Just before crash I tried to climb ladder but both ladders were blocked by soldiers who refused to climb. Other soldiers in area (100+) were trying to climb them as well. Before that some other solders climbed with no problem.
  6. Beta Patch 1.5.6 Single Player Seige, archer behavior (is this a bug? Or "as designed"?)

    Situation: I'm besieging Rhotae. I have strong numerical advantage but there are scattered enemy units that are almost at the point of attacking me and I can see an enemy army is also approaching, so I either have to attack or I'll be attacked with a much force that is about 3 times the size of...
  7. Lornloth00

    In Progress Smaller steps please; NPCs' bumping into ladders and stairs.

    I was playing custom battle on 1.5.6. it was on Simira Castle, I was playing defense and I noticed that the units could not go up the steps. When I tried I could not do it either. I have noticed things like this in any bandit camp that has stairs whether they are wood or stone in previous...
  8. At the beginning of a siege battle, the attacking side should have to move siege ladders to the wall

    During a siege I think it would make more sense for the attacking side to have to carry the ladder to the wall rather than the ladders already being at the foot of the wall. I understand it might be a little late to include this and get it working and animated but I think it would be nice if...
  9. Resolved AI troops will not use ladders or siege towers properly.

    AI troops will not use ladders or siege towers properly, when my troops raise ladders or siege towers, they will most commonly use the middle ladder. Sometimes there will be 2-3 troops actively climbing the other ladders. But usually there is traffic in the middle ladder with troops at the...

    Please launch fixes to the seige engine as my troops wont even go up the ladders on seige towers and wall ladders also when they bust through the outer gate hardly any troops attack the inner door also people are getting stuck in all sorts of places
  11. Ladders in sieges

    I never understood why your soldiers have to die to move the tower to the wall while ladders seems to teleport themselves close to the wall. I think taking 4/6 men to carry ladders to the wall would be more immersive.
  12. Siege tower issues, Siege issues in general *bit of satire to boot*

    I normally don't build siege towers, they are too slow and against siege equipment and AI accuracy they are a waste of time. I did try and use them in the deep south and found that not only are they too tall for some walls (causing troops to just stand on the platform and get stabbed in the...
  13. [All Versions] Battering Ram, The Gate and units behavior (+ Ladders idea)

    Hello ! So, I assume, that many could noticed a fact, that if you crack a main gate, your delegated to AI units pretty much proceed to: A) Go to ladders B) Go to Siege Towers C) Go to both ladders and Siege towers. some of dudes ofc go and try to break it with their swords and axes and...
  14. Jefeon

    Need More Info Siege Towers and AI

    AI don't use all the ladders at the same time in the siege towers and sometimes even barely use ONE ladder, they end up going on top slowly one by one and get slaughtered easily instead of 3 soldiers getting out at the same time to kill more and more defenders. This kind of bump me off from...
  15. Sir Pwn-A-Lot

    Tweak ladder controls to make them less confusing

    Currently your character moves up and down on the ladder depending on where the player looks, so if you decide to look down during the climb, you'll start moving down the ladder even if you're holding W. I'd suggest to ignore player's camera during climbing and leave it simple: W makes you climb...
  16. maxoverload91

    Need More Info [e.1.0.1] Horses climbing ladders

    This happened yesterday but I forgot to upload it. I had this happen when I was defending in a siege, and all the attackers' cav? nobles? came through with their horses. Even after the rider died, if I hit fast-forward after getting downed, the horses would climb the ladders. Also I don't have a...
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