1. [WLL] Warband Ladder League

    [WLL] Warband Ladder League

    This is an 8v8 Warband Tournament using a 5 week ladder format before a playoff in order to finally decide who is the best at hilt slashing.
  2. MP F to enter ladder

    Im tired of losing fights because my character automatically use the ladder as soon as its within range, very frustrating. Please have us press F to enter ladder. Thanks! ♥
  3. Fixer

    Resolved fork through another persion holding a shield

    Summary: Fork goes through a person and pushes ladder down How to Reproduce: Go to the ladder on D as defender with your teammate. The mate should be a vlandian knight holding a shield in front of him. Grab a fork, instruct your friend to stand with the shield in front of the end of the ladder...
  4. Resolved Lycaron siege ladder issue

    Summary: The leftmost siege ladder on the left side of Lycaron has an issue. The ladder sometimes prevents the player and AI troops from dismounting at the top, possibly from an invisible obstruction, and while this can be circumvented by the player jumping off, the AI is not capable of doing...
  5. SP - General Maybe a simple fix for Ladder and Siege tower.

    First lets talk about the current issues of Ladder and Siege tower. Initially, we believe that unit collision causes this problem, however after a released patch to address this the issue still persist. Realistic Battle Mod has managed to improve the ladder mechanics by giving more space between...
  6. Concomitant

    In Progress [Major Bug] Troops don't know how to climb siege ladders.

    Summary: Troops ignoring ladders/not able to climb them. I know that this is a known issue, but it's completely insane. Possible Solution: Give all troops a "use ladder" feature where upon being within range and needing to climb to attack an opponent, they will do so. Instantly snap them on the...
  7. JDZ5

    SP - Battles & Sieges Make use of the beautiful siege camps you've made!

    If my army builds a siege camp, and then is attacked by the army occupying the settlement and/or by reinforcements, I'd like to be able to defend my camp. Some of these camps have watch towers, walls for archers, basic set-dressing already done on them, they look fine let us use them! There's...
  8. How to change siege type?

    I want to change a castle's siege type to use ladders rather than siege towers, how can I do this?
  9. Siege AI needs serious rework.

    The AI in siege battles is absolutely ridiculous. The battering ram and ladder mechanics in particular are bad, but the catapults and balistas aren't great either. Firstly, battering rams half the time are completely abandoned once the men take down the main gate, and they proceed to rush the...

    The ladders are clearly not working please get to work on fixing them or change the siege towers with ladders to use ramps

    Please launch fixes to the seige engine as my troops wont even go up the ladders on seige towers and wall ladders also when they bust through the outer gate hardly any troops attack the inner door also people are getting stuck in all sorts of places
  12. MinhTien

    beta1.4.1 Troops only use one ladder in a pair, and Archers are really aggressive about climbing the wall

    Summary: AI seems to have taken a step back in 1.4.1, troops move to the base of the ladders, raise them then fail to push the attack. They mostly only climb up one, and just stand there doing nothing. No other siege equipment, assault as soon as the siege camp finished. Thought that it would be...
  13. Resolved Beseigers get stuck on top of ladder

    As the attacker at Caelus and Nevyansk castles, the siegers get stuck at top of ladders. They get stuck and cannot move or attack and prevent anyone else below to stop moving. I haven't tried this at other castles. Reloading doesn't do anything.
  14. XiyoReven

    Need More Info Attackers aren't coming down off ladders with clearing available. (I had to kill them all there basically, save them poking off the ladder.)

    I was first on the ladder thankfully (maybe that added to the problem?) but i cleared a way pushing with my shield and getting on the side. Once I was there; the enemies clumped on the ladder and my allies just sat on the ladders like so... I figured MAYBE I need to give them a clearing for...
  15. Need More Info Soldiers getting stuck on ladders during siege

    I just witnessed most of my army die in a siege battle (nevyansk castle) due to soldiers being stuck on ladders only to become pin cushions for sturgian archers, only one of the ladders worked somewhat normal, though there were obvious pathfinding issues immediately after getting off the ladders...
  16. Need More Info Usanc Castle Ladders

    Bug Description: Ladders along the left side, when you reach the top you are unable to climb up and over onto the wall, instead you enter freefall for a second and then re-grab onto the ladder. I attempted the left ladder of the pair, and the right ladder had NPC's who were unable to climb up...
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