1. Resolved 한국어 - KO I would like to join the localization team.

    Hi! First of all, thank you for making this wonderful game. I would like to join the localization team as a volunteer. thank you
  2. Hummingbird

    In Progress 한국어 - KO Font Problem & Suggestion

    Hello! Since e1.7.0, a lot of Korean players are enjoying the game with Korean translation. After a months of gameplay, I could organize some feedbacks of Korean font from Korean M&B Community. Now I'm going to report them here: Screenshots & Description: 1. Current font size is too big...
  3. Hummingbird

    In Progress 한국어 - KO Translation Error #2

    Screenshot: Translation Error -> Corrected Translation: > Character Customization 1. 취소 -> 실행 취소 (Description for 'Undo' button) 2. 다시 하기 -> 다시 실행 (Description for 'Redo' Button) > Campaign Map 3. ''왼쪽 Alt' + ~~ -> '왼쪽 Alt' + ~~ (when cursor is on NPC) : Only one apostrophe is...
  4. Hummingbird

    In Progress 한국어 - KO Translation Error #1

    Screenshot: Translation Error -> Corrected Translation: 1. 성능 위주 -> 성능 : Should be translated as noun('성능') but currently translated as adjective('성능 위주') 2. 키바인딩 -> 조작 : Original english script is 'Keybindings', and '조작' is counterpart for that word in Korean. '키바인딩' is closer to...
  5. Bannewbie

    In Progress 한국어 - KO Korean Font issue

    Hello! Many Korean strings have missing word because of missing letter of Bannerlord default font. ex) English / Korean / Missing Korean Module / 모듈 / 모 Nozhon / 노즌 / 노 treated / 다뤘습니다 / 다습니다 Many Korean users are experiencing inconvenience due to default Korean fonts. Please check the link...
  6. Bannewbie

    Can you change Default Korean Font?

    Korean bannerlord users have used User-created Korean mode until 1.5.6 version. However, the mode doesn't work in 1.5.7 version. I try to solve this problem and find default Korean font file - UnDotumKR - in Fonts folder. As the size of the font can't show some Korean word like '듈', I wonder...
  7. Project: Korea Trailer

    New Trailer Old Trailer More information https://www.moddb.com/mods/project-korea
  8. My first map (Practice - Adaptation)

    Hello! Everyone, I am a user who made many PW maps for the Korean Warband community. This is one of those maps. With the launch of the map editor on Bannerlord, To practice, I made a map to do various experiments! But I don't know how to do "Entry Point" stuff like that. Finally, the...
  9. Cri11e

    Question: Language Korean

    I'm trying to learn Korean so I was naturally wondering if Bannerlord will get Korean language support for the UI etc?
  10. Please help me TW.

    Before we begin, I'm sorry if my English were bad. I'm not fluent in English. @Callum Hello, I'm trying to translate names of Aserai culture, such as person's and place's and minor faction's, into my language, Korean. But I cannot translate them correctly if I don't know what do they look like...
  11. Is Korean Language will be updated??

    Hi, I just read about "Various localisation fixes. Some texts are only in English due to lacking localisation tags. Now they can be updated by translators and will be added to the game soon." on patch note. Is korean language will be updated soon?? we are trying make korean translate patch...
  12. Elspeth

    In Progress Please Make Korean Fonts are work

    Hello! I am korean user who playing Bannerlord. Include me and many other korean users are trying to translate the Bannerlord but we met the problem about fonts. We checked Language.xml and etc. for research how it works. We already made the Korean Fonts for Navtive but we found Bannerlord using...
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