1. killyouready

    Need your suggestions!!All six of my made mountblade warband mod introduction、download and notes

    This is the introduction of all the mods I made, but all the attention is relatively little, I hope you pay attention and make suggestions The following operations can be seen in the website post, or there is a instruction folder in the mod file with instructions 1. Warcraft 3 vs red alert3...
  2. killyouready

    SP Fantasy kof dimension-reduction-attack

    https://www.moddb.com/mods/kofdimension-reduction-attack The main update direction is to make 2d things and 3d things combined well with each other. The main hero is still from kof and 2d. The country will become some culture from some classic 2d games such as DNF.and i will also add some 2d...
  3. killyouready

    骑砍战团-拳皇KOF mod-demo又可能扩展为蔡徐坤鬼畜大作战mod

    之前在中文站驿站发过一次,当时是用公司电脑只能directx7启动所以没发现directx9下shader设置错误导致人物无法显示的问题,今天打开才发现这问题,所以修复了下重发,骑砍2反正也出来了,而且主dbz mod优先级在前面,所以这个demo不一定更新,仅供试水。 下载地址: https://www.moddb.com/mods/kofdimension-reduction-attack/downloads/kof-demo-v01 或创意工坊我也传了(最近看砍2出来后,我就把战团做的零散的试验性“遗产”先丢一丢,也算是一种放下,也许某天心血来潮起来还是想回过头搞搞玩)...
  4. killyouready

    B Native KOF:Dimension Reduction attack--demo version

    the demo alpha 0.02 version can be download at the website below https://www.moddb.com/mods/kofdimension-reduction-attack summary description: The mod named as"KOF Dimension Reduction attack" is intended to make 2d kof role to fight with 3d world 'people. i try to show that how to make a...
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