knights templar

  1. Accidently deleted entire Bannerlord online clan!

    Hello, I was trying to leave the clan I was part of but accidentally clicked on the delete button (because I was clicking too fast). The clan was named "Knights Templar" and the tag was Temp. Can this be reversed? It happened around two hours ago. Is this even the right section to post this...
  2. Knights Templar

    Knights Templar

    God Wills IT !!! DEUS VULT !!!
  3. JakoB

    [EU] Knights Templar !! Recruiting !!

    The Order of the Knights Templar We represent the Christian military order during the 1119 - 1314 period, known by most as The Knights Templar. Although based on the Christian military order we fight for our 'God' Armagan. Our take on religion is known as Christianity We fight together as...
  4. The Knights Templar NA

    The Knights Templar NA

    Hi, We are a Native/PW & PK clan that has been around since 2015 and obviously we are coming to bannerlord. We have a diverse community of 50+ members. All of our members are veterans on Native and many other mods on Mount and Blade. Our members generally have about 2-3k hours, now while...
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