1. [BRE] Gilles / Olgarth

    [BRE] Thursday Event / Scripted battle [Weekly Event]

    BRETONNIE THURSDAY EVENT Scripted battle THURSDAYS 8.25 PM CET RULES Infantry (3 maximum per side) 10 ppl minimum. 2 lines minimum. Moving and attack on formation only. You cannot disperse in any case, under any condition or pretext. No throwing weapons. No loot. Archers 12 ppl...
  2. Joe Friday

    Vlandian Banner Knight and Champion Armour

    Which settlement sells their coat of plates? I am looking for some for I am now High King of Vlandia. The Banner Knight also has a gray hood I cannot find. I've also noticed some of the Vlandian lords have golden pauldrons that I cannot find.
  3. Saber_00

    Six Kingdom Calradia

    Modum yapım aşamasındadır. Bu modda gelecek zamanlarda Kalradya'da daha eski zamanlarında geçen bir moda çevireceğim. 13 Temmuzda demo olarak tamamlanacaktır. Linki burada olacaktır. Modum da; - Kalradya'da geçmektedir. - İsimler aynıdır. - Oyun Haritası Yenilendi. (Grafik Ayarlarını En Yüksek...
  4. TheGioManDude

    More Nobles and more Administrative Posts (besides governor) for Them to Hone Their Skills and Replace Dead Nobles

    TLDR bottom paragraph I realized that once you take out some big name lords, there really isnt other notable lords to replace them from their own clan. It makes sense that once you cut the head of the snake the body dies too. But it should not be so easy. It can be a bit harder in my opinion...
  5. ViriathusTG

    Knights Order of Aviz [EU]

    The Knights Order of Aviz was military order made under the Reconquista in Portugal, to fight off the infidels of the Iberian Peninsula! We are an English speaking European clan formed from different communities from Napoleonic Wars, Holdfast and Arma 3. If you would like to get in contact...
  6. ✠ The Knights Templar ✠ [Bannerlord] [NA]

    ✠ The Knights Templar ✠ [Bannerlord] [NA]

    "Non nobis, Domine, non nobis, sed Nomini tuo da gloriam." ▬▬▬▬▬ ✠ ABOUT US ✠ ▬▬▬▬▬ We were a North American regiment known as the 1st Royal Marines. Now we, with the upcoming release of Bannerlord, are returning in full force to build upon our large community in a game that we have been...
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