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  1. StaceMcGate

    Kingdom decisions do not affect relations

    In all versions of the game I've played, including the latest Beta 1.5.10, decisions as a ruler have never positively or negatively affected relations with vassals. The only way to negatively affect relations as a King is to disband armies or choosing opposing looting stances in sieges. Can...
  2. In Progress Fief elections are always the same lord

    Summary: This happens in both the released build and the beta (1.5.9). I'm playing Vlandia in both my beta campaign and on my released campaign, my released campaign being several months old. So it could be Vlandia specific, I'm not sure. But whenever my faction conquers a fief, and an election...
  3. StaceMcGate

    Clan Relations needs rebalance.

    To be blunt, I don't think there exists enough ways to degrade relations in the current game and that is too easy to manipulate relations to max with clans. As a ruler, I've never seen kingdom decisions reduce my relations with clans (bug?) and the only thing that seems to reduce relations is...
  4. Resolved kingdom decision popup doesn't appear

    Summary: The kingdom decision popup on the campaign map seems to be nonexistent after the most recent update. So now I don't get any notification of unresolved kingdom decisions or peace and war declerations, I have to manually check the kingdom tab to see if something is happening. How to...
  5. BOHÉMiÁN'Celts

    Customization of kingdom production

    Hello there! I got an idea... It would be nice to have option to choose whether I grow crops for sale, or for my own workshops. I was thinking even about possibility to choose what crops do you want to grow, and to choose if they are for sale or if they are for our own kingdom produce. ''For...
  6. Resolved Beta 1.4.1 Kingdom decisions play as ruler but forced to vote like a Lord

    Hi. Since updating to 1.4.1 i've been unable to overrule my Lords during decisions, like owner of a settlement or making peace despite the fact i'm the ruler of the kingdom. Any time there's a vote for anything i'm given the options to use the 3 different amounts of influence to sway the vote...
  7. lukinhasb

    How to give fief to myself?

    I am lord of my own kingdom. I have several vassals When I conquer a town or a castle, a vote is made by the vassals to decide who will keep it, and I always have to pick one of the options. I don't see a way to grant the fief to MYSELF. How can I do that? Thanks.
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