kingdom bug

  1. In Progress There is no option for me to keep my fiefs when I try to leave a kingdom, says you supported this faction in a questline. I have finished main quest.

    Summary: How to Reproduce: Have you used cheats and if so which: Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: GPU: GPU Driver Version: CPU: RAM: Motherboard: Storage Device (HDD/SSD):
  2. Need More Info Clan Independence bug

    Summary: Can not complete the quest "Create an imperial faction" since the box "Be an independent clan" states: "Clan Independence 0/1". How to Reproduce: Began my playthrough as a mercenary for the Vlandians. Later on I decided to leave the Vlandians and create my own kingdom. Began doing the...
  3. Foxhole

    Resolved 24 Million Tribute Gain for Peace after Kingdom Creation

    Sorry if this problem has already been reported, but my search didn't turn up anything. Summary: I have encountered a potentially Game-Breaking Tribute Calculation after i created my Own Kingdom in Version 1.6.0 How i got there: - earned some money as a mercenary for the Khuzait - left the...
  4. No NPC Lords Willing to Leave Current Kingdom???

    This is 1.6 beta. Every lord I've gone to refuse my inquiries about if they want to join my kingdom. They all say they are happy with their current kingdom and have no desire to go elsewhere. Then the dialogue ends - no persuasion opportunity or anything. The only thing I can think of is that...
  5. Resolved Kingdom problem

    When my main guy died I was asked who shuld take over the kingdom, I chose my son and got to play as him, but I was not in the kingdom anymore, I lost my workshops and towns and castles. when checking the wiki it says that I am leader of the kingdom but I can not acces the kingdom screen and...
  6. Resolved Can Not Leave Player Kingdom

    I recently left Britania and kept my fiefs. Immediately after I made my own kingdom. I can not change my kingdom banner as there is no option to do so. I figured I would simply leave the kingdom, change my clan's banner, and re-make a kingdom. However in both the kingdom tab and the clan tab the...
  7. Resolved Please help, Kingdoms pay to make peace with me and never declare war.

    I tried making a new game after on the first one Kingdoms kept paying me around 200k money to make peace when even though they were much stronger, but it didn't fix! Now I can't play the game!
  8. Resolved Owned fiefs not appearing

    Summary: i have 3 castles but they are not showing in the clan/fiefs tab and so i can't create my own kingdom because it says i need at least 1 fief How to reproduce: i started this game before 1.5.1 came out, so i'm not sure if it's because of this Media:
  9. YouMoMCallME

    Resolved Since I was a Vassal of Vlandia, I can't create my kingdom.BUG Critical

    Since I was a Vassal of Vlandia, I can't create my kingdom. I left with Vlandia and keep the City, then I thought about creating my own Kingdom but I can't do it. Before After BETA 1.5.0 Full Ultra...
  10. Can not creat Kingdom

    I gave dragon flag to Monchug before trying create kingdom. We conqured world together then i decided to leave and i did but when i go to Arzagos for create kingdom in coversation its just getting stuck everytime.. Can not move further then i quite game. Any fix about that?
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