kindom decisions

  1. Minimum threshold to become head of an existing faction

    Yesterday I joined the ranks of folks elected to the monarchy after having joined a kingdom, thus increasing the rate of death for my liege. One battle which Caladog joined was all it took. I didn’t even see him die. To my surprise, the first of three options for the next King was me! Me...
  2. addjam

    Resolved Gifting a Fief crash,works every time.(easy to reproduce)

    Summary: How to Reproduce: (Player has to own a kigndom most likely). Go to Kindom[K] tab, go to Fiefs tab, press "Gift", If none selected (or has none to select most likely) pressing/confirming gifting will instantly crash the game. Scene Name (if related): Not sure what this is, but Kingdom...
  3. Wiser ruler decisions

    Why is it, that playing as Vlandia and definetely losing the war against a completely overwhelming Battania, my King decides to declare war on the Southern Empire, being the second strongest Power in Calradia? Decisions like those are clearly not following any logic.
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