1. Please change the default keybinds for Console menu!

    I'm sorry if I missed it, but I can't find any keybinds for console. Currently it is Alt+§, for me atleast. Sometimes I use § to look around and also pressing alt to see where my teammates are and then I get the console menu up. It's super annoying and actuelly got me killed 2 times.
  2. Resolved F keys not working as of 27/04/2020

    Hello I've run into an issue I can't seem to resolve myself. Basically in-game the Fkeys now do diddly squat. I am playing on a desktop PC using a Logitech keyboard, the function keys work fine in windows and in other games. What is also interesting is that the Function keys also do not...
  3. In Progress Unable to sufficiently rebind/unbind keys

    I would like to unbind certain functions as I need to rebind other functions to those keys, I also prefer to have as little clutter on my keyboard. Please also note that certain mods add more keybindings and it is useful functionality to be able to rebind them. Currently the game does not allow...
  4. Wanted: Secondary Key Bindings

    Hi, I find myself clicking and holding a lot while trying to prepare to swing polearms/swords while mounted, and so I find myself clicking and holding a lot. I'd like to be able to bind the Attack control to Q, so that I can just press and hold Q which is right near the rest of my key bindings...
  5. Key shortcut for next/previous character in menus

    It would be great if we could switch characters via keyboard so mouse can be kept on the item that someone may fancy
  6. Add keybind for Toggle Indicators

    Hi TaleWorlds, I just wanted to suggest adding a keybind for "Toggle Indicators". This would be similar to what the alt key does by default, but it allows you toggle it so you don't need to hold the key down while trying to do other things. I've found that toggle versions of keybinds that...
  7. Herrmann Stahl

    Orders - Key Binding Issue

    Good day to you all. I, and I assume that I am not alone with this, have a small form factor keyboard, without an actual F-row. Which isn't usually an issue, as you could bind stuff tos something like "Shift + 1" instead of "F1", or isn't used that often, so it isn't a big issue to use the "FN...
  8. Faranox

    In Progress Tutorial tips don't use your custom key binds

    Before I started a campaign I changed my key binds. The tutorial messages in the campaign don't take into account my rebinds.
  9. kXlIdRoberta // Seb Merc

    Alternate command controls?

    Hello, I'm wondering if there will be any alternate ways to control your units without rebinding tons of buttons in Bannerlord. Traditionally it has been the F-keys, but now that I'm using a 60% keyboard as a daily drive that's not really a viable choice for me, are there any alternate ways of...
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