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keep battle

  1. Fanto

    In Progress Blocked in photomod during keep battle

    Summary: When i active photomode during keep battle, i don't have interface and can't do nothing. I can't quit the photomode too and i must quit the game. How to Reproduce: Go in keep battle after siege battle and try too take a picture with photomode. Have you used cheats and if so which: No...
  2. Resolved Amprela Keep Battle CTD e1.6.1

    Summary: After defeating the Rebel defender of Amprela in a siege battle the game crashes within second of pressing ‘Attack’ to start the Keep battle against the remaining defenders. I do not know is this is an issue with the location (Amprela) or the defenders (Amprela Rebels). I have not had...
  3. Bunduk

    Are in 1.5.6 beta keep battles and prison break?

    I wonder if they are implemented to the game with the 1.5.6 beta patch like showned by the dev blog video!
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