1. Fixer

    In Progress Skala landing walkaround on a horse

    Summary: I accidentally fell down on a horse during a multiplayer warmup on the skala landing map and didn't die. After a while I've found a remote empty server that had this map up with 0 players, so I've tried to reproduce the issue. (Also tried via the modding kit -> opening...
  2. hsngrms

    SP Native Faster Movement --- Sprint - Climb - Jump

    Download page (Nexus mods) Hello! This is my second mod. It simply alters/increases various movement speeds of all humans in game. These alterations are: Running forward speed increase by %32 percent Running backwards speed increase by %67 percent Running sideways speed doubled (still...
  3. Melast

    Need More Info Siege Map Exploit - Get around the wall

    Hi, On some imperial siege maps (namely Rhesos Castle and Diathma), I am able to get around the wall and into the castle/city by jumping on some rocks on its right side. I didn't try to get my troops through there, as I haven't led a siege in these maps yet. Here are some screenshots : the...
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