1. Emil

    Jailbreak (Fortnite RP) - Saturday Public Weekend Event

    On Saturday at 6pm GMT we'll be doing another JB Event (Fortnite RP) since you've all been enjoying so much.
  2. Emil

    NARC Gamemodes

    Kingdoms Players have to group up into factions and claim one of the bases on the map. After some time those fractions may declare wars against others or make some diplomatic moves. The goal is to defeat other kingdoms and rule the land. Frontiers You need to settle this wild land. Like in...
  3. NWRP.eu


    Main NW servers NW_Public_Events NARC_RP 19th_Jailbreak Sabas_Roleplay (now NARC_NA) Skagerrak_Naval Secondary game servers Minecraft @ mc.nwrp.eu:10224 SCP: Secret Laboratory @ srv.nwrp.eu:7777 Garry's Mod - TTT @ srv.nwrp.eu:27015 Project Zomboid @ srv.nwrp.eu:16261 OpenTTD @ srv.nwrp.eu:3979...
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