1. Kaito


    Are looking for some fun, friends, and action? Well look no more!! Join 19th_Jailbreak's monthly roleplaying event with the Jailbreak Wardens at 9 pm CEST! Join our Discord for event announcements at NWRP.eu/discord 1. As a Prisoner, you must follow the rules given by the warden. Failing to...
  2. Need More Info Prisoners

    Anyone having problems with the prisons in Bannerlord? Im looking at Sargot right now. It says there are 2 prisoners, but yet i cant see them nor can I do prison breaks. Did that mechanic of the game change? Do I have to be part of the faction same as the prisoners?
  3. Emil

    Jailbreak (Fortnite RP) - Saturday Public Weekend Event

    On Saturday at 6pm GMT we'll be doing another JB Event (Fortnite RP) since you've all been enjoying so much.
  4. J


    This group is dedicated to and created for all the players of the Jailbreak community. Everyone may share suggestions, ideas and opinions on various matters, introduce themselves, participate in everyday conversations and tell us about any problems in the discussions. We're a part of one of the...
  5. Emil

    Achievement Applications

    Name (Your in-game alias): Requested achievement (Name of the requested achievement. Find them here): Vouches (Players on the server, on the Discord or on the Forums whom could confirm your actions): Reason(s) (Shortly describe why you fulfill the requirements): Visual evidence (Provide...
  6. Emil


    Server Achievements RibbonNameRequirementsRecipients Distinguished Service Surgeon's Ribbon Anti-Cavalry Ribbon Wounded's Ribbon Survivor's Ribbon Sapper's Ribbon Orchestral Award Clutch Award Captain's Award Flanking Expert Battlefield...
  7. Emil


    EU NRPNA NRPNARCJBSRP Server Host Tim WaterPolo Tim WaterPolo WaterPolo Head Admin Skeepr Broke Patol Szef Panda Saba Executive Admin Senior Admin Admin Trial Admin Server ScripterCampaign TeamCommunity Coordinator Supervisor Joeriig Emil Senior...
  8. Emil

    Server Etiquette

    Fair Chat Guidelines Read the role play rules as the admins announce them in the admin chat. Do not spam the chat with similar or unnecessary messages. English only. Keep other languages to a minimum, or via external chat programs. Always try to use proper capitalization, spelling and sentence...
  9. Emil

    JB Gamemodes

    JailArena (JArena) The guards and prisoners spawn facing each other. Both teams stay in their spawn areas. The Warden (acting as a referee) takes his position. He calls one or more fighters from either team to join the arena. They fight. Each team should have an equal number of fighters. After...
  10. Emil

    NARC Gamemodes

    Kingdoms Players have to group up into factions and claim one of the bases on the map. After some time those fractions may declare wars against others or make some diplomatic moves. The goal is to defeat other kingdoms and rule the land. Frontiers You need to settle this wild land. Like in...
  11. NWRP.eu


    Main NW servers NW_Public_Events NARC_RP 19th_Jailbreak Sabas_Roleplay (now NARC_NA) Skagerrak_Naval Secondary game servers nwrp.eu/servers Links NWRP Map list NARC Map list Merchandise Multiplayer Achievements Discord Hosted by Tim & company About us Everyone may share suggestions, ideas and...
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