1. genrev0914

    SP Native Tetsojin - Mod inspired by samurai

    Start your conquest as a samurai-like faction, lead your newly founded faction with other clans inside your kingdom. Mod Link (Required Main File) Optional Files (Miscellaneous Files) Addons Installation: -Install Main Files first "Module" folder inside the compressed file goes...
  2. Pancakelord333

    Could we get some rusty 2h swords and mauls?

    Title. I havent played since a month after EA started, put about 70 hours in then walked away to let the game "cook" some more. And I'm really liking what i'm seeing on V1.5.5 now. Somehow my PC is even able to smoothly run massive battles mostly maxed out at 1080p on a i7-4790k, 16gb DDR3, GTX...
  3. Xaerdys

    When I put items in my stash, loose the fief and later get it back, are the items gone?

    When I put items in my stash, loose the town/castle and later get it back, are the items gone? How risky is it to put in the stash. And is it possible to use the stash while you are a vassal, leave the kingdom and later come back to conquer your fief to get your items back? Does anyone know...
  4. Resolved Bugged quest "Gang leader needs weapons"

    Quest giver taking different types and number of weapons than in quest discription. How to reproduce: Get a Quest: Click here for image Get weapons: Click here for image Solve quest Check inventory: Click here for image Here the Thamaskene Steel Kaskara dissapeared as well as only 14 one handed...
  5. Apolon

    In Progress Flags "UseTeamColor = true" on some items

    On some items in multiplayer, the use team color flag is incorrectly set in the mpitems
  6. BL Other How do i implement items?

    So previously i could basically add an xml to my mod and be done with it, and put into the submodule: <XmlName id="Items" path="nameofxml"/> <IncludedGameTypes> <GameType value="Campaign"/> <GameType value="CampaignStoryMode"/> <GameType value="CustomGame"/>...
  7. Apocal

    The successful raid screen.

    Right now, it is pretty well blank. The picture is nice to look at but it also clears away the loot progress immediately, meaning the last tick's results can only be seen in the event log at bottom left. I suggest that the results of a successful raid be summarized instead, either by having...
  8. ulufarkas

    Game-Related Items for Purchase

    I think we all loved atmosphere of the new game. I have several question about it. Will there be physcial version (box) of the Bannerlord? If yes, will it include some game related exclusive gifts inside it? Or will there be option for us to purchase game-related real-life toys/items? Like game...
  9. Schwert / Item Namen ändern

    Hi :D wollte nur sagen, wäre toll wenn man im Inventar sein Lieblingsschwert umbennen kann. Also habe zb mehrere Schwerter geschmiedet und Namen vergeben ok, aber im Nachhinein kann man das nicht mehr ändern, was total schade ist finde ich :/ Könnte man da Taleworlds kontaktieren oder zumindest...
  10. hsngrms

    Thought I lost my Bannerlord save bcz of mods

    As mentioned in title I thought I lost my precious save game which I advanced in main questline probably more than anyone else, with help of some mods to make everything easier ofc.. I'm still noob-ish player. Thought that happened after 1.2.0 update bcz mods broke my save.. And took me 30 mins...
  11. BL Other Modifications for "item_modifiers" and "item_modifiers_groups" not working

    I'm currently trying to change the item modifiers for some basic weapon balancing modifications, without having to modify all items manually. I wanted to edit the files "item_modifiers" and "item_modifiers_groups". Inside the "item_modifiers_groups" file I set the probability for "no_modifier"...
  12. ziomek_dok

    Vanity Items For Multiplayer

    I believe that the levels in multiplayer should allow you to unlock something in return for your hard work on the battfield. That's why I' wondering if there will be any unlockable vanity items for the character. As there is a option to customise your character there could also be a few more...
  13. Lower Item prices and make higher tiers skill required

    What I find strange is how expensive are high tier weapons and armor. It's probably so player can't afford them early and has something to build up to. I find it very disconnected from items of soldiers who carry this super expensive armors and weapons that only richest can afford. This could be...
  14. Suggestions

    Bug reports : * Random War / Random Peace * Crash on porpose peace to Aserai NPCs or sometimes choose conversations * Siege tower ladders are bug , all NPCs can't go up with all three ladders in same time / regular ladders bug too _ Soldiers will stuck down ladders * Consipracy quests bugs /...
  15. Organic sandbox (companions, trading, economy, unit upgrades, items, money sinks)

    Here are some thoughts on how to make the game feel more balanced, organic, and sandboxy. I do want to preface with: I love this game. Problems: Companion: Why look at the conversation to recruit when the traits are already shown in the encyclopedia? Companion: Limited number and too easily...
  16. Long Padded Robe weight set to 22.3

    Version: 1.0.10 The armour item " Long Padded Robe " has a set weight of 22.3 (I guess instead of 2.3). That makes your char really encumbered while he should actually only wearing light armour. cheers
  17. cihanaytunc

    Trading with a lord

    It would be great to see the stats of items while trading.. And maybe chance of success of trade? Thanks, regards..
  18. Unresolved Access to all item in the game during siege

    Summary: From the invetory menu you can access all items in the game during siege defence, for free How to Reproduce: (owning a Sanala, waiting for enemy to make a siege camp) - i can access for all items (mostly care about weapons) for free:d you can acess light crossbow if you haven add skill...
  19. Unresolved 1st Trade Perk removes green/red compare items text

    After obtaining the first trade perk, I lost the ability to compare items from the ones I'm wearing. The green/red text is now gone for good on this play through. Here are reddit links to others experiencing the same issue.
  20. F4z0R

    Torches, Banner polearm, incendiary arrows

    -Torches for some units when fighting during nighttime (maybe instead of shields) -Banners with the logo of the Lord as weapons for some units (polearm) -Incendiary arrows