1. BL Coding How to easily see item ID and is there a troop editor?

    A really nice guy made a tool to easily mod companions, is there any equivalent for troops? Doing it manually in the xmls is a pain, also is there a way to see the ID of an equipment piece, so i can jump in the game, see the gear i want to equip my units with, take note of the IDs and then add...
  2. BL Coding Alternative weapon mode for custom weapons?

    In warband it was possible to create a weapon with alternative weapon mode with one simple flag. However, I don't see possibility for this in Bannerlord. How can I add alternative weapon mode for my custom weapon? I'm talking about uncrafted items, actually.
  3. MinhTien

    Need More Info Falx type polearm is named Sledgehammer

    Summary: A short Rhomphalia is named Sledgehammer in my game, sold in Pen Cannoc. I don't have the falx blade for polearm, so can't be my crafted item. Forgot to screenshot stat, but it can swing/cut pretty similar to the Rhomphalia, only shorter. Media: Version: beta 1.2.0
  4. Cataphracts both elite and non elite use imperial lance, not cataphracts Lance , or cataphract mace

    So the elite and non elite version of the empire cataphract horses units use imperial Lance and a sword not sure which one but same one. I think if this was changed so at the very least the elite version should use a cataphract Lance and probably the cataphract mace as secondary , maybe non...
  5. morte

    List of items(+info) Bannerlord

    Hi, I haven't made any mods yet, but I wanted to start by making or modifying a troop tree. but I found that there is a list of about 1000 different objects that these troops could carry. I have started a list for myself of these 1000 objects, but they are many objects, I started incorrectly and...
  6. DukeDunac

    Need More Info Battanian Savage Armor name is battanian_savage_armor

    Summary: This armor's name seems to be its object name How to Reproduce: Go to Battania and look around for Battanian Savage Armor Quest/Settlement Name (if related): N/A Media (Screenshots & Video): Version: 1.0.5 Computer Specs: OS: Windows 10 GPU: Nvidia 1060 6GB...
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