1. deuxhero

    Resolved "Plated Striped Gauntlets" aren't gauntlets.

    Summary:While called "Plated Striped Gauntlets", this item is actually a set of bracers as it has no protection for the fingers. How to Reproduce: Start game, find item, put it on. Have you used cheats and if so which: No Scene Name (if related): N/A Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs...
  2. DarthKiller

    Suggestion General Bannerlord Custom Weapon Melee Damage

    Hello fellow modders and hopefully developers, Currently I am sitting on basically learning every aspect of modding in Bannerlord. I have already gotten into creating items, textures, meshes, cloth-sim properties, team-colours, weights and even creating custom item crafting templates/pieces...
  3. Apocal

    In Progress [1.6.1] Furred Noble Lancer Helmet weighs 43kg.

    Summary: Furred Noble Lancer Helmet with Neckguard weighs approximately ten times too much. It should probably be 4.3kg, not 43.8kg. How to Reproduce: Look at item stats. Have you used cheats and if so which: None. Scene Name (if related): N/A Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS...
  4. Rough Tied Bracers are too good

    As the title suggests I am posting this to draw attention to an admittedly minor issue, but one that irks me all the same. Rough Tied bracers are *way* too good. It's to the point where it's actually hard to find upgrades, playing Imperial I have to get full lamellar plate gauntlets to beat...

    Multiplayer Eşyalarına Güncelleme Gelmeli!

    Selamlar, sene 2021 hala Warband'de multiplayer oynamaya devam ediyorum. Bence krallıkların itemlerine bir güncelleme gelse süper olur. Bazı itemler çok gereksiz, bazı itemler çok pahalı... Şöyle düşünüyorum, biz oyuncular olarak itemleri kendimiz belirleyelim. Hangi birime hangi item alınacak...
  6. Standardize Item Sizes & Characteristics | Make Them Recognizable

    Different items have the same image in the inventory and others are very similar, I would suggest making them different, more easy to recognize by just by the image. E.g.: Wine and oil; olives, dates and beer; cheese and butter... I suggest a more well thought and complete item size...
  7. Resolved "Gang leader needs weapons" quest consuming wrong weapons - patch 1.5.7

    The "Gang leader needs weapons" quest seems to so far only ask for one-handed axes - however when i hand in the quest it takes swords/polearms/throwing knives/javelins and even bows and possibly other weapon types from my inventory instead of the actual axes. I only noticed this after...
  8. StaceMcGate

    Resolved NPC & Item Portraits missing e1.5.8

    Been playing the new patch for last 2 hours, and have twice now seen all item, npc, and recruit portraits disappear entirely and replaced by a loading icon. The issue is not resolved by loading, and instead resolved by quitting the game program entirely and restarting. Game settings: High...
  9. In Progress Image doesn't match with the item [1.5.6]

  10. TimIZ

    In Progress [1.5.5] Item prices don`t reflect item modifiers

    I One of many, many examples where the item with worse modifier has the higher price. This doesn`t make much sense and is quite annoying when you want to keep the good stuff and have to look super careful to not sell the item with better modifiers. Btw. the helmet with 18 head armor is the...
  11. Project: Korea Trailer

    New Trailer Old Trailer More information
  12. OmNomNom331

    Keep Inventory Items After Death

    Heroes now can die like ordinary npc, it's cool, but there should be a better and straightforward way to recover items from fallen comrades. I suppose this will be fixed in further updates but so far I haven't see many opinions related. There are mainly 3 problems about keeping properties when...
  13. Items and crafting

    - Items: make every item type (like armors, bows etc) craftable and/or make it possible to do custom orders from shops. These orders could even be more expensive than market prices (and could take time), but trading skill modifiers could be in effect. - Crafting: - Since crafting experience...
  14. MinhTien

    Unique weapons from old Tournament rewards, is there any plan to bring them back in some form?

    When EA was first released, Tournament gave out some pretty OP rewards for early game, including 40-armor helmet and unique weapons, like Wind Fury, Blackheart, Early Retirement, etc.. They are not top-tier items, but very strong for how early you can acquire them and have some nice flavor. Now...
  15. Monkey

    BL Coding How to remove crafted items from the game?

    Once an item is crafted, it looks like its blueprints are saved somewhere since it starts being produced and sold by cities. I find it very, very untidy that exact "copies" (technically not copies since I actually crafted the same blueprint twice) do not stack. Is it possible to remove those...
  16. BL Coding Which class to mod: Initial stats/items, stats gain progress

    Hi, I'm trying to make a mod that change the initial stats and items of the main hero on the campaing. Also want to change the quantity of focus and attributes gain on each level. But I can't manage to find the class that defines those rules. Can someone please tell me? Thanks
  17. Crafted Item File Location?

    Anyone know were the file location of crafted items is? I spam crafted hundreds of weapons and apparently the game treated each one as an individual item. I smelted them all but the game still stock shops with the crafted weapons and they are about the only reward tournaments now offer.
  18. Sieg Choys

    Want to remove some 'crafted weapons' from data.

    This game remembers everything I crafted. Such as 'Crafted one handed sword' I made them as practices. Traders are sell these crafted weapons. Even they are not good qualities and I smelted them before so there are no originals. I want to know how to remove them from game data to clean lists of...
  19. Resolved [e1.2.1.227732][Minor Bug] Large bag of barbed arrows

    Above listed item doesn't actually contain any more arrows than a regular quiver, all stats are same bar 2, the weight and value. Image attached below
  20. WB 3D Art Skin dependant shape for footwear

    Hi, i have been experimenting with a few custom races, each with different bodyshapes as well as adding new frames of vertex animations to some armors via OpenBrf to match all skins. The problem are the other armor parts besides the torso. The hand armor has their vertex animation used in other...
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