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  1. Sieg Choys

    WB Other How can I make characters can grab tip of the sword to hit enemy with crossguard or pommel?

    Making 'morhau' and 'half-swording' by using 'itp_next_item_as_melee' I am making some swords can mordhau by press 'x' These swords are examples ----- ["great_sword_william", "Great Sword of William", [("great_sword_william",0)]...
  2. BL Coding XML Error - adding custom items

    Hi any and all, I need some help. I am trying to add some crafted items into the game as normal items. As far as I know, I have done everything right but I keep getting an xml error crash when I load a save or start new game. I will link to my module file for review. I am using crafting pieces...
  3. takeoshigeru

    How to dynamically modify item damage?

    Hello, I'm trying to implement Power Strike skill like in Warband. When spawning an agent, I'd like to increase its weapon damage depending on how much power strike the character has. I noticed that in an EquipmentElement you can specify an ItemModifier which has method ModifyDamage which looks...
  4. Lord Badfox

    BL Coding change stats sword bannerlord

    I would like to change the statistics of a sword. Or create a new one. I basically want the sword of the Viking kings. Some help? something like the Warband item edit
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