1. Lornloth00

    SP - Player, NPCs & Troops Auto Equip for companions and clan members plus video demo

    In Warband many mods gave the player the ability to automate equip items on characters so that the didn't have to worry about any tedium of keep track of it. Here are some video's from Warband mods that demonstrate this so that you can show the developers and example. I am certain that most...
  2. MrPostman

    SP - UI After Action Report

    After Action Report (AAR) with Casualties Grouped by Troop Types: In order to facilitate future planning and recruitment decisions, we have categorized our casualties based on the types of troops involved in the recent engagement. This breakdown will assist in identifying which troop types...
  3. IceWater

    MP about select the UI interface of the map for the next match

    Now the interface is too strange, even made nine boxes I think is correct.If too much map cannot see at all
  4. SP - General Make weapons visible in Character leveling interface so we know which skill to upgrade

    I need to go back and forth between Inventory interface and the Character interface, because I cannot see what weapons the characters have equipped, and I don't know which skills I should give focus points, which attributes to improve. Make it possible to turn the character portrait, so we...
  5. Xinamon

    I want to see infantry, archers, cavalry etc in the party screen

    I have a hard time to know how many of each type I have so it would be great to be able to see that in the party screen.
  6. Lesbosisles

    SP - UI Quest effects should be in the quest log

    Hello, everyone! I remeber some time ago I had a little conversation with @Duh_TaleWorlds here, on the forums. From that discussion it was found out the settlement issues give bonuses to a settlement of you complete them (raising security, loyalty, pros, hearths etc.). Unfortunately, such a...
  7. Lornloth00

    SP - General Access Battle Order Screen at anytime for Set Up

    Since we can't set unit divisions in the party screen till some sort of solution is found, how about letting the player go into a battle scene in the middle of map to change battle orders and captains? Maybe its just a set of hot key(s) or a button that activates this but this would be another...
  8. In Progress Shift+Plus/Minus click in inventory no longer sells x5 items

    Summary: Shift+Plus/Minus click in inventory no longer sells x5 items How to Reproduce: a. 1. Load up 1.7.0 version of game 2. Open inventory 3. Shift+click doesn't sell x5 b. 1. Revert to 1.6.5 version of game 2. Open inventory 3. Shift+click sells in x5 bulk Screenshots: Have you used cheats...
  9. In Progress Crossbow unreloadable on horseback tooltip missing after 1.7.0 patch

    Summary: Crossbow unreloadable on horseback tooltip missing after 1.7.0 patch How to Reproduce: Description: "Hickory crossbow" can't be reloaded; after the 1.7.0 patch, the tooltip no longer provides this information Steps to reproduce: 1.1. Open latest version (1.7.0) of game 1.2. Open...
  10. SP - UI UI mouse clickable button for Encyclopedia/Ledger

    I often playing with my wireless mouse moving the mouse on the knee while leaning back on my chair. I don't really want to touch my keyboard unless it's a battle. That said there is no way to reach to Encyclopedia from UI without something like clicking Party>Unit>Upgrades List etc. I think it's...
  11. Aurex

    The command interface is obsolete, downright silly and needs a total overhaul.

    Hello there. I've been trying a new playthrough recently, Southern Empire. Usually sparring with Khuzait and Western Empire. That gave me plenty of time to see what kind of improvements have been made and what's still sorely lacking. I could (and I probably will) write down a list of what I...
  12. SGT_Night

    SP - Quests Revenue Farming quest UI tweak

    My suggestion is: Show to the player the outcome of his choice in the screen of the village menu Why?: The player can right away see what has happened and why he gained or loosed relations That's a very good quest, loved the fact that some different situations can arise and you have options...
  13. Lornloth00

    SP - General Market and Workshop

    In towns it would be easier to see where workshops are if their headers had a different color from other locations when hitting 'alt'. Its some time very difficult to find their locations.
  14. sinkpoint

    Resolved Scene Editor Black screen when rotate view after navmesh manipulation in face mode

    This has been happening for 1.5.8 and 1.5.9 editors. When try to edit navmeshes for Main_map, if one is under face selection mode, and say select a face. Then try to rotate the view (alt+right click) (but not pan), the entire screen will go black. Console message says "Could not set listener...
  15. Resolved HUD disappear when merging groups

    Reproduce: Merge Transfer a group into another group O/S: Win10 GPU: GTX 1060 6GB GPU driver: 457.51 CPU: AMD Ryzen 3600 stock RAM: 16GB (g.skill 3200) Mobo: MSI x570 Unify Storage: 256GB NVMe, 512GB NVMe (gameinstall)
  16. Oedip

    SP - UI Screenshot key ?

    Hello World ! I just wanted to report an AI behaviour bug during a siege but I didn't find the way to take a screenshot in order to illustrate the problem. So I'll start by propose to add a Screenshot key and obviously the needed folders. Thankd to the team keep working on this damn good game...
  17. Jancnahn

    Resolved [UI BUG] Settlement Defenders = Defenders + Attackers

    When your army approaches to an enemy castle, a menu with three options (Approach the gates and hail the guard. Besiege the castle. Leave.) shows up. In this screen, when you hover the mouse cursor over the castle, the number of defenders is shown as the number of actual defenders plus the...
  18. Resolved Mixed icons in singleplayer

    I have a problem with mixed icons for items and skills in my current campaign. I tried reloading my game, closing the game entirely and then loading again - didn't work. I don't want to start another campaign and while this is not game breaking it is very annoying
  19. Nordwolf

    In Progress UI: Unable to "cancel" TW id friend request

    If you send a friend request (let's say accidentally) and want ot revoke it you have no way to do so.
  20. In Progress Town text not loading after peaceful resolution of a siege

    Summary: How to Reproduce: Occurred while my troops were in the city of Balgard (470 troops and being sieged by 831 troops). During the siege, a peace offer was automatically proposed by my faction, I agree to it, the siege is lifted but then the usual town interface text is no longer there...
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