1. Apocal

    More war information?

    Is it at all possible to get a bit more information on wars? Right now, the current War tab isn't bad but it is a bit bare. Can we get something like: the start date of a war and/or days since the war began. a total number or listing of nobles killed in the fighting (including mercenaries in a...
  2. when can we expect next big update please

    i was wondering, when the game first came out it was updated daily now all i see lately are small fixes, now i understand we have the corona and all that stuff going on around the world and i'm not writing this to rush the devs in any way shape or form but can we please get a idea of what they...
  3. Holy Shift

    CIA Screen in Faction Tab

    You can consider to make a screen that shows where the enemies are spotted like Armies screen. AI Lord somehow already have information about where the enemies are. AI-Player unequality was one of my greatest complain in warband. Maybe an information pop-up like when the armies are created can...
  4. isamurai

    Devs feedback

    To what frequency do you feel devs should keep us updated?
  5. Clear indication of village association with town

    "A small thing, but pleasing," as the actress said to the bishop. Anyway, could we have some way to know which town a village is going to trade with? Preferably in overhead map through the pop-up tooltips, but even "talk to villagers" option at this point would be an improvement. For being...
  6. Information and gossip, or "who brougth the wireless to Calradia?"

    1.4e brought the siege and battle icon notifications on the map. While a welcome addition, combined with the "news log" that just abstractly assumes we hear about everything happening no matter how far in the other corner of the map seems a bit... off. It also means there's that less incentive...
  7. samdomino

    My Research [Mini Wiki]

    I spend a lot of time modding and have made my own documentation base. I'd thought I share it since I realized a lot of the stuff I'm looking at isn't on the main wiki :
  8. Arkyll

    Poor Conveying of Information

    The game does not tell you that important things are happening enough. You have to sort of reverse engineer/reverse google search/deduct what has just happened in the log based on the voting system or on who has captured who as the game doesnt make dramatic changes known to you directly and...
  9. Ackdam

    Resolved [INFO]A small reminder to those posting bugs:

    Please remember to follow the How to report a bug post format, pinned at the top of the forum, which MArdA was kind enough to outline. It helps to keep the reports orderly and consistent for the issues being presented. Also: Make sure it has a title related to the issue. A title like "READ THIS...
  10. Troop info gets too long

    In comparison to Warband we can toggle with alt now to see all troops, but if there are to many we can't see it out of the screen. I don't even know if this are troops or prisoners. Scrolling through it would be nice.
  11. Release of SinglePlayer Beta

    Hello, So I was desperate and stupid enough to purchase a beta key for $18. I saw a YouTube title from one of those guys who play the game endlessly and it said "Single Player beta gameplay!". I immediately googled for a way to buy a key, and came across an opportunity on a website and didn't...
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