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  1. In Progress Bug Report 1.2.0Beta: Integer overflow influence for army cohesion?

    Summary: Some kind of overflow bug with influence, where trying to mend army cohesion costs negative influence, resulting in a silly amount of influence. How to Reproduce: Not sure, but this army had been going for a while, multiple battles, and I had used influence to keep it going. The last...
  2. Resolved Infinite Influence bug 1.9 Beta

    Summary:When in a Army with members from own clan (Family) donate troops now functions like it does for other lords in same kingdom. so you get influence for "donating" troops. and if you talk to clan member you can inspect troops and take the troops back. How to Reproduce: Be in Army with Clan...
  3. Resolved Influence Bug with prisoners

    Summary: Prisoners as a mercenary do not provide influence or dont provide the correct amount of influence How to Reproduce: capture anyone and go to a settlement to try to donate to dungeons Have you used cheats and if so which: None
  4. MrPrice

    Resolved Influence "Dupe" Exploit from Garrison/Party Donations

    I do not support using this to create influence, I wish it removed as it impacts gameplay negatively. If any more information is needed, please let me know :smile: IMPORTANT EDIT: So I just discovered that you can do this even quicker and easier by trading troops with a clan party instead of a...
  5. Artisan Community Perk Failing to Function

    I have three positive income workshops and and the Artisan Community Perk. However I am still losing one influence per day (due to lawspeakers (-0.5) and Sacred majesty (-0.5)). I should be gaining 0.5 influence per day per the circumstances. No mods, fully updated game, what is the issue?
  6. Kenzo-0-

    Resolved Influence bug while donating prisoners

    There is an influence bug in 1.5.7. Go ahead and donate a lord to prison, u'll get around 5 influence. Click done and without leaving the "dungeon" page go back to donating again. Now just donate one single looter, u'll get 5 influence again. Do it as many times as you want, donating 1 prisoner...
  7. LDominating

    Resolved Healing Bugged and Influence Gainer

    Hello! As the title suggest I experience in 1.5.1 beta branch that the healing is HEAVILY reduced to a point where it takes 10 days to fully heal from wounded in a town. This happened before in 1.4.3 I believe. There's also an influence gainer from King's *something* which gives +3 influence...
  8. Resolved Negative influence while being a vasal. [ver 1.4.1]

    Started new campaign. Joined Sturgia as Vassal. After couple of turns with -1 from one of their policies i'm on - 17 and going down. Donating around 50 troops (tiers from 2 till max) and 2 defeated Lords worth 1000 coins each gave me +1 influence... This is a joke right? What's the point of...
  9. Loosing global map party control after initiating peace treaty with <100 influence

    I initiated a peace treaty(which costs 100 influence) while having 63 influence and it surprisingly worked leaving me with -37 influence. After making peace I disbanded my army, and only then a "Not enough influence" notification appeared. Right after I lost control over my character on global...
  10. Ruler of Vlandia has all the fiefs and negative influence

    I joined Vlandia in the main campaign. Every time I capture a town, the majority will vote for someone other than Derthert the ruler but he overrules every time. When I went to check his clans influence it was at -348. Is negative influence for a ruler supposed to be a thing?
  11. 150 influence removed to propose policy

    Summary: I lose 150 influence (dropping me to -100) when I propose a policy with me as the only clan in my kingdom How to Reproduce: Unable to reproduce the conditions, but it's consistent in my savegame. Wait till you have 50 influence, click propose, lose 150. Quest/Settlement Name (if...
  12. Resolved Can’t gain influence through battles once you become your own kingdom

    As the title says, the after battle report said i received 37 influence, and 56 renown. After exiting the battle I did get the renown, but did not receive the influence. I had to get influence very slowly through owning a city (3 influence per day), then had to select policies that drastically...
  13. TreeguyhosJ

    1.1.0 Prominence Steward Perk does not work

    I am a vassal for the southern empire, I own land, I have the perk Prominence yet when the daily cycle ends my influence still goes down by -1 because the law speaker policy is in action, I can't get any influence because of this.
  14. Alienpope

    Resolved Bug: No influence gain after starting a kingdom

    Summary: You get no influence after starting a kingdom. Playing on the beta branch but I've had this issue in previous versions. One way to solve this is by saving, exiting to main menu, reload the save. After this you get influence again by battles or otherwise. How to Reproduce: Start a...
  15. Kylow

    Need More Info Going into negative influence resulting in the game "soft freezing".

    So I started my own kingdom, and formed an army to siege a city. I only had 21 influence since I had to recover from a -100 I had earlier. (you can't form an army if you have negative influence, even though it costs 0 to do so, makes sense). After forming the army, which costs nothing, I raided...
  16. Influence in perpetual decline no matter your actions

    No matter what I do my influence as a banner lord for the southern Empire is in constant decline and in the negative, I give free supplies and troop to the kingdom and help every friendly settlement lord in the most legal and positive way I can and I have a constant negative influence. it says...
  17. -300 Influence after raiding a village

    Raided a village of the Sturgian Empire and they declared war on me. I also got -300 Influence after raiding, ending up witch -294 Influence ;(. Is this a bug or a feature? Done the same with the Vlandia Empire before (Raiding village, they declare war) but with no noticeable Influence penalty...
  18. BazingJava

    Create army(companion) with Negative Influence

    How to Reproduce: I created my kingdom have a couple of companions one of which has an army. I currently have negative influence and decided to gather my army. Asking companions to join my army costs 0 influence. But it prevents me from doing so because I have negative influence. I presume...
  19. Need More Info i have a negative -433 influences is this a bug ?

    it all started when I attacked a village and I'm under a kingdom and we are at war? i dunno why I got a negative influence for no reason ?? how do I remove this?
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