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  1. Peanut_Brother

    Game log (bottom left) Filtering

    There is so much information that comes through the game log that I often find myself completely ignoring it and at worse, missing information that I'm interested in. This issue is of course, much worse when at full campaign speed. I think it could be valuable to have some control over what...
  2. StaceMcGate

    Post-Conspiracy notification bugs

    So I sided against the Empire, and after Istinia's conspiracy was complete, I kept getting messages about how Western, Northern, and Southern Empire had made peace with each other about every other day in the game. This would continue in game well after I had destroyed their factions and won the...
  3. Apocal

    Resolved [1.5.2] No notification when sister was killed in battle; still alive in party menu.

    Summary: In battle, my sister was killed (red-skulled) but there was no notification in either the log (pressed Enter to check) nor on the upper marquee banner as was the case in 1.5.1 for spouse or sibling deaths. After retreating from the battle, I saw no sidebar notification of deathh. I...
  4. iwantyochicken

    Resolved Kingdom Notifications and sidebar notifications not working after 1.5.2 update

    My single player game stopped showing me the pop up messages and right sidebar bubble reminders for votes, sieges, wars, etc. This happened right after the 1.5.2 update. I am not running any mods. The small notifications at the bottom left side are still working.
  5. DawnDude

    Resolved Can't see any decision notifications

    Summary: I can't see any of the decision notifications that should appear on the right hand side of the screen when on the world map. How to Reproduce: This happened in the middle of my playthrough out of the blue as far as I'm concerned, so I don't know how to recreate it. I've noticed that if...
  6. vth_Musketeer

    Need More Info No longer receiving notifications for any events and my character's party banner no longer shows up

    Summary: Two issues: Issue 1: My banner doesn't show up on the campaign map. So, sometimes when I zoom out I can't really tell which party is mine because it just shows my character on his horse. If I create an Army, there is no army banner with the gold embroidered outline. So, my army is...
  7. Information and gossip, or "who brougth the wireless to Calradia?"

    1.4e brought the siege and battle icon notifications on the map. While a welcome addition, combined with the "news log" that just abstractly assumes we hear about everything happening no matter how far in the other corner of the map seems a bit... off. It also means there's that less incentive...
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