immersion breaking

  1. At just lvl 20 Smithing, I can already break the economy. And it's no fun.

    *Update* crafting items using the the "Pointed Falchion" blade needs to be nerfed: I just crafted it and it levelled me up from 50 to 90. Any item I craft with it becomes worth 50k+ As seen below, prices of 2-handled crafted weapons need rebalances. Same can be said for other smithable items. I...
  2. Lil Martinus

    How to enable birth and death option mid-game?

    Summary: Basically, the only reason I want to enable birth and death mid game is because otherwise it's really not immersive, my chopped nobles just respawn in a prison and the kingdoms I've wiped out are still present as cockroaches, raiding villages and pillaging. Is there any available way to...
  3. More detailled diplomacy

    The diplomacy in the game is still very questionable. If you decide to become Leader of a kingdom, there is not a single peace period until you conquer the whole world. Also its very annoying to see almost wiped out kingdoms with 2k strength going full retard on suicide missions and declare war...
  4. Spyware

    Too much Intercultural Marriage.

    Doesn't anyone else find it weird that when you're at the second generation or so, you're fighting literally a buttload of Sturgian Aserais? Sturgian Khuzaits? Sturgian Vlandians and Battanians?
  5. thehunteryeah


    It is weird that at nighttime no illumination is used during travel on the campaign map nor in night time battles. How can you fight when you cannot even see your hands? And how can you ambush if you cannot see the lights of the enemy army moving down below you? Torches do exist in the game but...
  6. Got robbed when I stopped being a mercenary!?

    As I left Sturgia, I held my head high, for I had fought as honorably as a sellsword could and had made many friends amongst those grim lords of the north. But HARK! I soon found myself unable to pay my soldiers! I looked and beheld that my precious brewery's had been vanished into thin air...
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