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  1. Woopzilla

    We need a quick overview of how many horses of which type we have in our inventory

    It would be nice if there was a quick way to calculate how many horses of which types you have. This is important for players because we need to have a good balance to upgrade troops and provide foot troops with horses for party speed bonuses. Mock-up: E.g. We would need new icons for...
  2. New perk or gameplay mechanic idea for horses, character alignment

    Hello, I would like to see a perk added to something like two hand, polearm, riding or tactics that taking down cavalrymen without doing more than 20% of their mount's total hit points in damage to it gives you a chance to obtain that mount in a victory, with a higher chance with highest tier...
  3. retroindiejosh

    How to pick the best horse

    Horses are a pretty important piece of equipment. I don't know about you guys, but I almost never play without a mount unless I want to do some sort of roleplaying. Even if my starting character has awful riding score, I get a horse as soon as possible. I'd rather have a horse than even a single...
  4. Keimpe

    Resolved Horses disappear in arena

    Summary: I kill the horserider so i can get his horse. When it is close to the edge the horse disappears a lot of times.I've even had two horses disappear that way. How to Reproduce:Kill a horsemen, and try to take his horse, close to the edge of an arena Have you used cheats and if so which:No...
  5. GaMoR

    In Progress Gain Horses after being captured

    Summary: I noticed that i have more Horses than before after i getting captured. At the beginig i wasn`t sure anymore but now that i won a Tyal in a Turnament and now have 4 of them the reproduce in inventory after release. How to Reproduce: Have one Horse in your inventory get captured (maybe...
  6. Lazregamesh

    Do horses commit Seppuku when their owners die in sieges?

    What happens to the horses when their riders die in a siege? On that note, can we please have the option to tell our cavalry to sit this one out and instead, make bets on how the plebs are gonna bite the dust or drink tea or what have you? ? We already have a working system for hideout, maybe an...
  7. Reproduce lvl 90 Horses?

    Hey guys In Riding Skilltree is a Perk Breeder(lvl175) which says Horses have a small chance to reproduce. So is it random or can you reproduce even lvl 90 Horses?
  8. RodLimitless

    option to NOT take locked horse without mod :/

    when are they going to implement the locking horse to actually LOCK your horse D: i keep upgrading cav and the locked horses get taken first. i personally like the Aserai horse the best, and did this experiment: i had 5 aserai war horses, and 20 other war horses (vlandian courser, etc..). i...
  9. The whole "buy horse to level up troops to horsemen" thing is illogical

    I can get an imperial recruit and level him up to a legionary that has juggernaut armour for the cost of a pack of arrows. But upgrading to horsemen requires buying horses twice. Why? All this does is to annoy the f out of players. I think that should be removed and horsed troops should get...
  10. Apocal

    Can we get different icons for different horses?

    Is that planned? Because right now it is a bit odd that they all have the same item icon. Also, would it be possible to have a theme for different types of horses? Like all regular horses are facing 3/4ths left while warhorses face 3/4ths right?
  11. High Tier Weapons and Armor as Ruler/Noble Quest Rewards

    First, thank you for releasing the game as early access and being open to suggestions. I've been playing since launch and also (poorly) participated in the multiplayer beta but have not been contributing feedback until recently. I hope to change that soon. Currently, it is difficult to obtain...
  12. Keimpe

    In Progress My pureblood horse is white. But not in battle.

    In battle he is brown. White is good. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/1672484460222711201/4D17DF7E43E0FDAFB808AC621442B1C751D8CE85/ https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/1672484460223607741/9016CB6CD16EDFE9A1D8176E661A4C9A236F768B/
  13. Domoo

    Resolved Horses, blocks and sound lag.

    Hello, today I'm making a post considering three bugs that happen quite often. The horse one might not be a bug but it should be looked into. Warband was better in that regard since if you charged into friendly troops as a horse with friendly fire off, you'd get stopped, you couldn't push your...
  14. Blayde

    Suggestion : auto toggle keep (lock) food and horses by default

    just a quality of life suggestion since they almost always essential and sometimes you forget to toggle keep (lock) your butter just to sell with other loot then relise later that your army fuel of butter has ran out because you forgot to toggle keep when you sold everything at once (with the...
  15. Too Small horses (proportions should be fixed)

    I hope developers will pay attention. I know that developers tryed to show us different brieds of horses but it was made just only by making sizes smaller. I mean that if we are tolking about mongolian horses they are not just small, actually their body lenght almost like normal horse and the...
  16. Joseef

    POTENTIAL HIDDEN FEATURE: Directional Double-Tap on Horseback

    YOU CAN DOUBLE TAP FORWARDS/BACKWARDS TO MAKE YOUR HORSE CHANGE SPEED FASTER. It even comes with voice lines. I heard my guy shout "go!" and pop the reins to make my Aserai run faster. Glorious. This is very important.
  17. Horses Consume No Food?

    Hi All -- new here on the forum but have really been enjoying the game. I never played Warband, but I am really happy so far and have put in a lot of hours playing the game. I really enjoy the immersive, RPG elements of the game, and I love the Byzantine Era feel. I hope no one has already...
  18. Horse Trading Formula

    I was thinking about a way to trade horses without having to rely on the Green-Yellow-Red system that Bannerlord uses. I don't like it and have seen instances of it contradicting itself. So, I thought if I can capture price data from the game and make a formula I can make a price list. This...
  19. Voxdalian

    Cavalry upgrade giving back old horses.

    I don't know if this is the case for all cavalry units, I only know about the Imperial Equite. When upgrading them to Heavy Cavalry they need a warhorse instead of a regular horse, so the upgrade consumes one, but it doesn't give back the old horse. There is some historical realism to this, but...
  20. Lord Ferdinand

    Horse Call and Braver Horses

    I noticed that if you get off the horse and there is a danger nearby or he gets hurt, he runs away and disappears. I think he should not run too far and he should come back with a whistle. For example, if he receives damage he could get mad (ramp), but he won't run away. Merged with Riding Perk...
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