1. problem?

    Yumrukla Jousting Modu İsterük!

    Ben ve kendim gibi düşük zeka gerektiren eğlencelere sahip dostlarım için oldukça eğlenceli bir oyun modu keşfettik. Lütfen sayın taleworlds ekibi bu modu bir şekilde ana oyuna da ekleyin. Oyun modu şuradan izlenilebilir:
  2. Roberto_Italiano

    In Progress Horse lagging when bumping

    Hey, On a start I will say that I searched for a threads like this, found only from 2010 which remained unsolved. As in the subject, not always, but often horse lags when I try to bump and maneuver it. It is very annoying. I wanted to ask if anyone found a solution to it, or if devs would look...
  3. EvilJenie

    The character can start attack animation at the battle right after falling down from a horse

    Summary: The character can start attack animation at the battle right after falling down from a horse. Also animations are superimposed on each other. I think the character need to be stunned or keep only block function for 1-2 sec right after falling down from a horse How to Reproduce: 1...
  4. Every damn horse is black

    No matter what I do, every damn horse is black in the game I actually like black but man cmon, Théoden King is riding a black horse? seriously?? Please help!??
  5. Peradinos

    Solved Horse Bug

    Hello Summary: I've been playing the game for a while and I did not spot anything like this. Maybe I did not encounter that unit before. There is a certain unit (Gullam Riders) that have their icon bugged. To take it further... Ropes and saddle are a bit off. Scene Name (if related): In The...
  6. Horse equipment

    Hello there, i have an idea. Maybe there should be more slots in equipment when a player have horse? In the battle you would have more arrows or another shield if your own would break. Or even another kind of weapon like Lance. But if you get off the horse then you acutally lose it. I mean you...
  7. AnandaShanti

    In Progress You can ride a horse over the wall in Akkalat Siege Map

    By aiming the horse at the right spot on the area illustrated below you can get over the wall in a siege. Ending up in a little court yard but you can get up on the wall and walk to the main areas. You can then have lost of fun building athletics and Bow on the garrison :) You could also open...
  8. Making a horse un-"lame"

    When you have a Lame Horse/Warhorse, you can go to the party menu and upgrade a troop, which needs a horse/warhorse. When using the lame horse for that purpose, you can then cancel the upgrade by closing the menu and voilà, you have a regular horse/warhorse instead of the lame one.
  9. Solved Horse Prices

    Why do horses now cost me over 70k plus gold while everything else seems to be normal pricing. Doesn't matter where I go horses are just impossible to buy apart from mules and sumpter. Like the 10 ridings are 79k gold the 60 ridings are 84k apiece. Is this just because I made a new game or how...
  10. I Got the "Pureblood" Horse Legitimately.

    My younger sister had a Pureblood in her inventory. Was that meant to be? Or was that an unintentional bug? Its stats: Charge Damage: 35 Speed: 65 Maneuver 65 Hit Points: 270 This thing is a ****ing tank. It has 35 charge damage. **** my 170 damage glaive and my Noble Bow, I will no longer use...
  11. AnandaShanti

    Your sister Alte starts with a special horse! I started with a sumpter how she get a pureblood? Also Horses?

    I don't care if she looks like a sturgian and has no skills, she getting armed and going to war with me now! I haven't seen that horse before either, does it exist on any other place in the game? I have seen only 1 hunspree as a prize for tourneys in 1.4.3 and I looked a lot for a aserai...
  12. Need More Info My companion wins a tournament but award does not show in the inventory

    My guy won a horse but when I check our inventory there is no horse. Is this intended or a problem?
  13. Solved Herd debuff appearing while almost no animals in inventory

    Summary: I got captured by Khuzaits and after escaping I was left with only few horses and no other animals, yet my movement speed was decreased by 4 points by Herd. Removing remaining horses didn't remove this debuff. It looks like some horses in my inventory are invisible, as I was alone in my...
  14. frozenpainter

    WB 3D Art Horse Size

    When I increase size of elephant(increase size in openbrf) rider get inside, how can i move the man higher ?
  15. What determines the Horse chosen for upgrading cavalry units?

    so in this game, upgrading cavalry units need horses and war horses from your inventory. but what determines which horse gets chosen? This just happened to me: i had around 20+ of every type of horse in the game except the rare ones like the Battanian Thoroughbred and when i upgraded my...
  16. Holy Shift

    Restrict Heavy Shield Usage on Mount

    I almost always play with malee but wielding a Wicker Square shield on mount feels weird. You can consider to make a perk exclusive with horse archery in riding skill to allow wielding large shield on mount.
  17. Need More Info [Beta 1.4.0] Horse Duplication Exploit

    Hello, Note: I would post a video and screenshots, however since this is a new account i have a 24 hour restriction. After starting a new campaign in M&T Bannerlord (e1.4.0), I participated in a few tournaments one of which had a horse as the main prize to win ("Battanian Thoroughbred")...
  18. Should the horse/cavalry system be more complex?

    After field battles involving cavalry, there's always some horses left on the battlefield with their owner killed/wounded, so it got me thinking: 1.The horses and war horses perhaps should not be permanently assigned to a soldier when upgrading. Instead, the horses with their owner slain should...
  19. Tutorial Scoring is wrong

    Currently, when you are riding your horse along the track, you get 2 seconds subtracted from your time when you miss a target/pot. This doesn't make sense, and would be an easy fix. When you are fighting against time, you want a low time. So when you subtract time from missing a target/pot...
  20. MrMaselko

    [1.2.1] Lance issues

    At least in multiplayer after couching the lance pressing the weapon switch mode button again doesn't always cancel it and sometimes requires to be pressed multiple times. Wether pressing the button works or not seems to be random. An another issue is that the indicator for when the lance can...