1. Dmitrov

    In Progress Horses moving can cause audio cut outs

    Summary: vast amounts of horses moving can make audio glitches hapoen. Like bows being silent or voices being static or melee weapons hitting sheilds being spotty How to Reproduce: have lots or cavlary or horse archers move around Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video):
  2. Boar Champion

    Why are some horses in the game grossly deformed?

    What was the devs thought process?
  3. In Progress Polski Sumpter Horse, Saddle Horse and Rouncey are each translated as "Koń pod siodło"

    Translation Error: "Sumpter Horse", "Saddle Horse", and "Rouncey" are using the same name "Koń pod siodło" in Polish translation. As a result, I was forced to change the language back to English to complete the "Lord Need Horses" quest, as purchasing horses blindly is super hard and expensive...
  4. saregona


    Summary: Horses coat, main, tail and markings are always the same as the starting horse, no matter how many different horses you buy and swap out. Except the Steppe horses, those are their normal spotty golden colour. How to Reproduce: start a new game, buy horses of different breeds and try...
  5. In Progress Horse coat problem!

    Summary:I have the same horse colar for every breed. How to Reproduce:I have the same variant empire, aserai, vlandian breeds, another one for all khuzait breeds, another one for battanian breeds and another one for sturgian breeds. Have you used cheats and if so which:No! Scene Name (if...
  6. Stop horses fleeing in arenas

    Horses fleeing from the map makes sense in battles for both gameplay and performance/engine reasons, not so much in arenas. Simple easy fix, they can run away when hit, but shouldn't have any magic gate to disappear from inside of arenas
  7. Qirin

    In Progress [e1.9.0 beta] Gallant Sword Sisters don't require horses

    Summary: Upgrading Sword Sisters into their mounted promotion 'Gallant Sword Sister' doesn't require the player to own any horses, unlike every other troop cavalry upgrade. How to Reproduce: Clear inventory of horses if you have any, attempt to promote Sword Sisters once they have sufficient...
  8. Abnormal import of horse model

    I want to customize the model of the horse. I use tapc tools to export the bone and "horse_brown". There is no modification in blender. After export, the horse can't run normally. youtube link:
  9. snuggans

    Prevent horses that are 'locked' from being used to upgrade cavalry

    thread title sums it up, cavalry upgrades are ignoring the lock mechanic. i am grateful that a while ago TW improved the situation by making it so that upgrades use the less valuable horses first but this does not cover all situations especially one where you don't have that many war mounts and...
  10. Messius

    Need More Info Disappearance of weapons and other things

    I would like to point out a bug that happened to me while playing the ranked skirmish. I was playing as a cavalry and during the combat "a thing" happened that my weapons disappeared from my hands and I couldn't attack (even with my fists). I didn't understand what was going on so I tried to...
  11. ulufarkas

    there exists any white horses?

    as seen one of the devlogs, there is a white horse (check the picture) but i have not seen any white horses in my 850+ hours gameplay. see the white horse on left
  12. [OSOD] Imperator

    Resolved Vlandian Vanguard barding

    Summary:The armor that you get for your horse says you get +18 armor but when you get it you only get 17 horse armor on your horse. Is this a glitch or what is the meaning of it because I do not see why it says +18 armor when it clearly shows only having 17. How to Reproduce: Click on horse...
  13. Steal from herd

    can we steal animals from villages right? especially horses(and get horsethief trait)
  14. Joe Friday

    Absurd Horse Armour Stats?

    So, I was swapping out my brother's armour and was thinking of rewarding him with a Pureblood mount I got as loot after a fight. I then noticed the stats on his Scale Barring horse armour. I think I would have noticed these high stats before but they read as the following: Worth 114277 Weight...
  15. CillianLuckass

    Breakable pikes/lances!

    Hi, I understand what i am raising is something a lot of people has tought about, and might be added, yet i just wanted to voice it since i feel it is very important for the balance of the game. Couching a lance has been in the game for a while, and it is arguable one of the most satisfying...
  16. nereid

    About Horses: Unit upgrade, availability, and cost

    Currently each cavalry unit will need a normal horse as soon as the unit is upgraded from the infantry tier to the first cavalry tier. Additionally a war horse is needed as soon as the cavalry unit has enough experience to level up. The current problem lies in the different tiers for the...
  17. Zwade

    Resolved Horse loses health when I dismount, then remount

    Summary:horse loses about 1/5 health when I dismount during a battle, then remount again right away. How to Reproduce:get off horse, then get back on Have you used cheats and if so which: n Scene Name (if related): all Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs:does not matter OS: GPU: GPU...
  18. RodLimitless

    option to NOT take locked horse without mod :/

    when are they going to implement the locking horse to actually LOCK your horse D: i keep upgrading cav and the locked horses get taken first. i personally like the Aserai horse the best, and did this experiment: i had 5 aserai war horses, and 20 other war horses (vlandian courser, etc..). i...
  19. How to lower horse charge damage?

    I'm playing with realistic combat module, but now every army, no matter how huge and powerful, gets just flattened by Khuzaits on their tiny horses just driving straight into it. I need to lower the charge dmg because it's getting less and less funny each time it happens. Guess the main problem...
  20. Grimaldus


    Sound needs to be added to--it's a simple suggestion. make it so hoofs and footsteps change their sound depending on where they are. it's really...weird to hear the clattering of hoofbeats against pavement when I'm....on grass.
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