horse animation

  1. jajo1399

    Adjust Riders Sword and sheath Position

    Dear TaleWorlds Please FIX the Position of the Sword and sheath while the characters are mounted to be more realistic and for us to make more believable cinematics. PLEASE DO IT URGENTLY. I Suggest offsetting them away from the horse and safe from its animations.
  2. Ellis1

    Suggestion General Add command to hide horse tail (xml files)

    I hope there'll be a opinion since the horse tail is something similar to the mane. Some horse armor might cover the tail. Pls consider this, I appreciate it.
  3. Dyktator

    Need More Info Horse animations causes performance issues

    Summary: The stability drop is terrible for me. In 2019 (alpha) i was able to play with everything set on 'very high' and I didn't have any problems. Now I have stable internet connection (with stable and good FPS), but I struggle playing with everything set on 'very low'. Latests patches makes...
  4. HalfMetalJacket

    Resolved Horse Animation error?

    No mods apart from FixedLauncher. Every time I leave the game, this pops up. Seems to crash the game everytime I enter with horses on the field too Not sure why this is happening. Can anyone help with it?
  5. Schwarzwolf

    WB Other Glitching through the horse

    Hello fellas, I am having trouble with a horse but, it happens whenever you crush something with your horse, or if you want it to stand on it's rearlegs. In this example I am trying to get the horse to get on its rearlegs, the body of the human then glitches through the horse. I am using the...
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