horse animation

  1. Dyktator

    Need More Info Horse animations causes performance issues

    Summary: The stability drop is terrible for me. In 2019 (alpha) i was able to play with everything set on 'very high' and I didn't have any problems. Now I have stable internet connection (with stable and good FPS), but I struggle playing with everything set on 'very low'. Latests patches makes...
  2. HalfMetalJacket

    Resolved Horse Animation error?

    No mods apart from FixedLauncher. Every time I leave the game, this pops up. Seems to crash the game everytime I enter with horses on the field too Not sure why this is happening. Can anyone help with it?
  3. Schwarzwolf

    WB Other Glitching through the horse

    Hello fellas, I am having trouble with a horse but, it happens whenever you crush something with your horse, or if you want it to stand on it's rearlegs. In this example I am trying to get the horse to get on its rearlegs, the body of the human then glitches through the horse. I am using the...
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