1. Ixzzhaeldir

    Bannerlord Characters / Heroes buying Equipment from Towns

    Hi, I was just wondering if NPC characters like Heroes / Companions and other characters were programmed to buy stuff like equipment and other items from towns and villages? Im trying to figure out the economy here if goods actually get circulated throughout the world. thank you
  2. Set faction and personal relation (<Factions> and <NPCCharacters xml-mod>

    Hi, I'm doing a lightweight mod which basically set my characters background with new (and living :)) parents, grandparents etc. The family tree split under grandparents and I've made a separate faction for this lineage. There's also some inbreeding going on, but so far I've got it to work but...
  3. Resolved 1.6.0 Cannot create new party unless hero is already in party. "This hero is busy"

    Summary: I can't create a party normally from the clan/parties menu unless a character is already in my party. The message "This hero is busy." is displayed when the hero would normally be able to create a new party How to Reproduce: The save was originally 1.5.10, but was converted to 1.6.0...
  4. Need More Info e1.6.0 - Hero busy after giving away fief

    Summary: Sent my hero to a castle as governor, but it was too far away from my main citie, so I removed said heroe and gave the fief to the kingdom, after that, the heroe is busy and I cant do anything with him, he just stays at the castle. How to Reproduce: Send hero as governor to a fief...
  5. Vievite

    Party of Heroes Campaign - No non-hero units in party, no exploits, no save scumming

    So I've put together a full (edited) campaign video with narration. The concept is trying to capture a castle where you don't hire non-hero units to your party (I do collect army troops through companions leading their own parties). It had a really interesting dynamic with hero management, and I...
  6. Lord Ferdinand

    Ci si può risposare se muore una moglie? Morte compagni in battaglia reversibile?

    Nella mia nuova compagna con CA Eagle Rising ho (purtroppo) abilitato la morte degli "heroes" ed è successo che in battaglia è morta la moglie di mio fratello, senza aver avuto ancora figli per altro. Posso farlo risposare? E la morte di companions e familiari si può disabilitare a campagna...
  7. Lluid

    Is there a way to make captains behave like enemy lords, saying safe ?

    I noticed that enemy lords are pretty good at staying alive : they are on their horse behind the infantry and often "hide" in their infantry line when we try to focus them. This behaviour makes sense. Instead, the heroes we assign to formations to be captains are pretty bad at staying alive. If...
  8. Resolved [Bug or feature ?] Heroes gain skill XP even if KOed (during/before battle)

    In previous TW games, Heroes skills were deactivated if they were KOed during a battle or too wounded to join the battle (red status bar so). Right now in Bannerlord, their skills/perks still active whatever their status while they are in the party, battle or campaign map. p.s. It is true for...
  9. Viranto

    Why does my generals attack in Formation Group and don't stay behind the line?

    I hate this, my unique generals (heroes, children, wifes) are always the units which died first in a battle, because they attack the enemy, when i give the formation group infantry or cavalry the attack order.This shouldn't happend, because as a general they should stay behind the normal units...
  10. genrev0914

    SP Native Tetsojin - Mod inspired by samurai

    Start your conquest as a samurai-like faction, lead your newly founded faction with other clans inside your kingdom. Mod Link (Required Main File) Optional Files (Miscellaneous Files) Addons Installation: -Install Main Files first "Module" folder inside the compressed file goes...
  11. NamFlow

    Encyclopedia ― Information about hero's wealth

    Hi, We already know from Encyclopedia which friends, enemies and family members does some hero have and also to which faction they belong to, which towns/castles/settlements they own and so on, but I couldn't find anywhere the information about their wealth. If I'm not mistaken, currently the...
  12. Resolved Companion Icons in Tavern not matching appearance

    When going to the tavern district, the icon of who is in the tavern at the top does not match the actual hero's image in the encyclopedia or game world. Sometimes they look female, and are male in the game world, or are clean shaven, but have a beard in the game world/encyclopedia.
  13. In Progress Companions changing from civilian to battle outfit in villages

    Version 1.3.0 Beta This happens upon opening the inventory, going to a companion and switching between the civilian and battle outfit tabs. The companions suddenly change to their field gear. This behaviour only occurs in villages, not cities.
  14. Moncho

    Strange Lord and Kingdom's total strength issue

    Summary: I was in the "Eliminate the Empire" stage of the campaign, I was fighting against the Southern Empire, I saw that they had a Total Strength of about 58000 in the diplomacy screen, weird thing. Sudddenly we make peace, so I decided to make some nobles of the Southern Empire join my...
  15. Female Warlords: Slider Solution

    THIS THREAD MEETS BOARD REQUIREMENTS A couple of moderators have been kind enough to explain to me the requirements, in greater detail, for a thread in the suggestions section, particularly one about female warlords. And I have followed those requirements closely, as outlined here, prior to the...
  16. Hero levelling

    So do heroes in your party not gain XP and skill points or am I missing something? I've had some for a while and all their stats are the same. Hero development was really fun in Warband so I was hoping it would be the same for Bannerlord.
  17. Encyclopedia problem- locations for heroes are wrong

    I am trying to build a good party with a healer, but when I go to the two towns where the encyclopedia says they are at I can't find them. Heroes only show up at taverns AFAIK. Am I wrong? Please let me know. Thx.
  18. Doseq

    Resolved Doubled Heroes

    Summary: Enemy heroes are "multiplaying". On screenshot below you can see two armies with the same commander. Above that i have Peric in one of my dungeons. So, so far there are like three Peric's. How to Reproduce: Own a kingdom, start a war - defeat a lot of enemy armies, after some time hero...
  19. Resolved Heroes Upgrading and Equipment

    Is there any option to armor my heroes or give them personalized weapons? Because I can´t find it if there is.....
  20. Shemet

    Heroes appear to be busy when trying to create Party

    My clan is already at tier 2 close to tier 3, and it appears that I can create a second party from my clan to make its own adventures and gain influence, the thing is that when i want to do that all my heroes appear to be busy and I can't make it. The only hero that I can make a party from is my...
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