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  1. Steal from herd

    can we steal animals from villages right? especially horses(and get horsethief trait)
  2. Apocal

    Livestock need rebalancing.

    With the herd penalty now currently ten times as penalizing, livestock need a buff. Before it made sense to have a few dozen sets of walking meat but with each animal (of any type) giving only two meat and there being no spoilage in the game, it simply makes much more sense to have a single...
  3. Resolved Herd debuff appearing while almost no animals in inventory

    Summary: I got captured by Khuzaits and after escaping I was left with only few horses and no other animals, yet my movement speed was decreased by 4 points by Herd. Removing remaining horses didn't remove this debuff. It looks like some horses in my inventory are invisible, as I was alone in my...
  4. Suggestion: No Peasants With Herd Delivery Quest

    The quest to deliver herd of livestock is a great quest. The change of adding to the 'herd' inventory instead of making players chase the cows across the map is one of the huge improvement over Warband. However, this quest sneaks in 1-10 peasants to my troop count when accepted. These temporary...
  5. Horses Consume No Food?

    Hi All -- new here on the forum but have really been enjoying the game. I never played Warband, but I am really happy so far and have put in a lot of hours playing the game. I really enjoy the immersive, RPG elements of the game, and I love the Byzantine Era feel. I hope no one has already...
  6. Herd speed debuff. No animals with me.

    Yep. So now I have a permanent debuff to party speed because the game thinks I have animals that I don't have. I assume this came about from slaughtering animals somehow. Maybe buying them and slaughtering them before completing the transaction? Maybe just slaughtering in general is bugged?
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